LED bathroom lighting ideas — ways to keep your bathing space light and bright

Brought bathroom lighting ideas would be the go-to in many homes, because they are both energy-efficient and lengthy-lasting.

Brought lamps make use of an incredible 85% less electricity than the usual conventional bulb and therefore are calculated to last 22 years if used three hrs every day.

You’ll find LEDs in an array of formats, from small lightweight lamps on the flexible strip to directional spotlights and replacements for conventional lamp fittings and fluorescent tubes.

The main reason they are a good option with regards to bathroom ideas is they are simple to integrate right into a control system, developing a responsive layered lighting plan that can take your bathroom from vibrant around the darkest morning to health spa-like relaxation by night.

‘Good bathroom lighting ideas can modify the appear and feel of the bathroom which is because lighting is an essential part of the style of the area,’ explains Chris Jordan, Md at Christopher Wray.

So think about the lighting at the beginning of your renovation and also have the lighting plan finalised prior to the bathroom is installed.



Employing smart bathroom ceiling lighting ideas and cleansing the walls with light gives softer illumination and may highlight a number one feature, like a stone wall or statement bath.

This softer, indirect light can also be helpful for subduing glare. In the end, who would like to maintain the entire beam of the spotlight while soaking within the tub?

2. Ensure That It Stays Around The Lower LOW

‘Consider low-level lighting, for example uplights, behind a shower to highlight its form. Or low-level lighting, for example our Sirolo floor wash, to clean light over the floor, giving a sanctuary or health spa-like feeling,’ advises Luke Thomas, Design Director at John Cullen Lighting.

‘Make sure things are dimmable and you possess the versatility of getting a few different circuits too.’


Using smart small bathroom ideas can open the area. A sizable expanse of mirror won’t help boost size but could amplify light levels, too.

This bathroom by Barlow & Barlow, using Drummonds fittings, includes a layered approach with small ceiling spots, uplighters and downlights washing across walls and LEDs within the niches to produce a restful, sophisticated plan.

4. Utilize It To Focus On AND PULL FOCUS

In lengthy narrow rooms, lighting may be used to lead the attention with the space.

This bathroom by Lighting Design Studio has lots of zones however the eye always finds its way through because of well-planned general lighting running the size of the corridor. The double gang of ambient light around the far wall also functions like a beacon.


Recently, bathroom lighting trends have incorporated using pendant lighting within the bathroom, frequently using the host to wall lights.

It can produce a great focus and style feature it puts task lighting where it’s needed around the countertop of the vanity, brightening skincare rituals.