Landscaping ideas with rocks – 5 stylish nature-inspired looks

Landscaping ideas with rocks really are a creative method to add depth and dimension towards the yard. The superbly weathered appearance of rocks helps you to forge an association from a man made landscape and also the natural world, in addition to adding year-round structure for your design.

Rocks can be used a part of an intricate large-scale project with lots of aspects and layers, or perhaps in a smaller sized way, possibly inside a corner adorned with gravel and river gemstones. They’re generally among the low maintenance backyard landscaping ideas available, too, making using rocks a wonderful choice for many.

Here, we’ve collected landscaping ideas with river rock and various other tips to inspire any project.


Rocks may be used to define an incline, transform a place where little will grow or define and description walkways and planting beds by having an attractive arrangement including pebbles and gravel. Bigger rocks can be used garden sculpture to lend structure towards the landscape or for seating when you purchase individuals with smooth flattened surfaces.

1. Select A NATURALISTIC Landscaping

Using rough-hewn slabs for paved surfaces for example pathways is among the most widely used landscaping ideas with rocks. They may be edged with gravel, pebbles or boulders to help complement an all natural style that concentrates on sustainability since it provides a porous hard landscaping choice that enables water to seep in to the soil instead of elope.

If you wish to develop a rockery, local stone that weathers to create varied surface textures is frequently an element in naturalistic garden design, and planting to melt the perimeters is, obviously, answer to this look. This mixture helps you to create a casual space which comes together inside a coherent composition.

To drag the appearance together, choose plants with harmonious or complementary colors towards the rocks. Use a mixture of plants with flower and foliage interest, and mix upright and sneaking forms.


A ground cover garden that mixes pillows of planting with pebbles and rocks is really a low maintenance landscaping choice that meets most spaces. It is best to leave these rock garden suggestions to evolve right into a natural look.

Rather of attempting to produce a fixed picture, landscaping ideas with rocks would be best when ground cover remains to evolve from year upon year inside a plan that can take its lead in the planting. If you take inspiration from nature, it’s easy to adapt the method of managing your backyard and go for something suitable for local conditions that’s also low maintenance.


In urban landscaping smooth hard surfaces have a tendency to dominate but garden designers frequently make use of the trick of presenting contrasting materials inside a contemporary color scheme to maximise texture and interest.

Adding a unique edging detail to boost the area between smooth paving and elevated beds is effective inside a bold architectural plan. Decorative grey or black pebbles can be found in a variety of sizes as well as come polished for any stylish finish. They work nicely in contemporary garden schemes or to produce a awesome contrast inside your landscaping project.


Go for landscaping ideas with river rock to produce a look that feels likes it has been there for good. A naturally hard-putting on material, limestone will keep its shape and search for many years with hardly any maintenance. Actually, some time and extended weathering only improve its curves and crevices.

‘I wanted to produce a stream with waterfalls, basically an all natural believe that was inviting to wildlife,’ explains garden designer Fiona Stephenson of the landscaping project having a natural waterfall over rocks. ‘I designed shallow areas for wild birds to wash and drink, along with a “beach” for newts and frogs to gain access to.

‘To result in the stream look natural, it features a layer of mortar with gravel and small gemstones pressed in it. Additional small gravel and loose gemstones are added to produce a natural effect. The edges and “falls” use Irish water-worn boulders, placing natural gulleys within the rocks to produce falling water.’


Designers frequently use a mixture of materials to maximise texture and curiosity about their landscaping ideas with rocks. This could include both man made and natural materials, for example flagstones or pavers combined with river rocks or gemstones.

Using gravel to infill around smooth slabs then adding an edging of small boulders turns a way into a fascinating design that demands attention like a feature by itself as opposed to just a way from One place to another.

If you like the thought of a pebble path, try paddlestones. They are large bits of slate which have been tumbled to round from the edges. It makes sense smooth and flat gemstones that are simple to walk on. In Japanese garden design they are utilised to produce decorative pathways designed to become a river bed.