Landing lighting ideas – 5 ways to create atmospheric and chic illumination

Whether they’re pendants, on your wall, floor, table, or perhaps in areas, landing lighting ideas could make an effect in addition to fulfilling their role of illuminating the area.

They are able to provide ambient lighting for the entire landing, but they may also stimulate a mood, or highlight options that come with the area and, in the same manner as hallway ideas include lighting designs, plans for any landing can use the 3 kinds of lighting.

Here we’ve selected inspirational landing lighting ideas featuring beautiful types of all types of sunshine. You are able to uncover, too, techniques for atmospheric in addition to practical illumination in the experts.


A landing could be a beautiful space and never just an entryway with other rooms, a corridor, or perhaps a pause on the staircase with considered lighting ideas. If you are searching at staircase ideas – or hallway lighting ideas – get a mixture of ceiling and pendant lights, wall lights, individuals in skirtings, floor, and lamps as causes of illumination.

1. Choose A CASCADE Of Sunshine

If you’re searching for landing ideas that highlight the style of the staircase, a landing could be illuminated having a pendant which makes an amazing feature at its center.

‘We produced a bespoke chandelier having a cascading lantern aesthetic which runs car staircase of the esteemed townhouse,’ states Louise Lythe, affiliate director, David Collins Studio.

‘The fixture serves for connecting the various floors and accentuates the size from the property. The types of materials used are bronze and alabaster which both reflect light superbly within an interior developing a subtle glow – the staggered forms create a feeling of movement and sculptural interest, in addition to complementing the architectural detailing.’


Staircase lighting suggestions for the walls may be one of probably the most decorative landing lighting ideas in addition to a functional choice. About this landing, the curved lines from the light echo those of the hands rail because it turns between your flights of stairs, along with the ornate frame from the mirror.

‘Installing wall lights is a terrific way to fill the area on the landing,’ states Emma Sim cards-Hilditch, founder and inventive director at Sim cards Hilditch. ‘The hallways of the home form an important connection from area to area.’


Accent lighting frequently draws attention to particular feature of the room, but it may also add drama on its own. Here, a corridor-style landing is transformed through the pattern tossed over the floor.

‘Complete your lighting plan having a layer of accent lighting to supply wayfinding lower the corridor,’ suggests Hazel Park, senior designer at John Cullen Lighting. ‘Cazalla skirting lights set inside skirtings can offer a nightlight although complementing a variety of home styles.’

She also suggests uplights for windowsills or floors to focus on window reveals and door frames.


Selecting landing lighting ideas is definitely an chance to savor the texture and color of particular materials. About this landing, metal shades for that pendant lights add a commercial twist towards the space and complement the fabric from the staircase railing ideas. Both features are refined, though, swerving the chunky style usual for the commercial look.

A awesome metal like this may be a perfect choice for homes in warmer climate areas. Live somewhere cooler? Generate highlights with metals for example copper or brass.


Selecting pendant lights of the identical design in various sizes and hanging them at a variety of heights can produce a statement feature of landing lighting.

The colors within this arrangement have simple lines and color for any modern look, but manufactured they’re impactful. Lighting the landing by doing this is definitely an chance to produce a person feature using the shade sizes as well as the form of the audience your personal choice.