L-shaped kitchen ideas – a classic layout for all spaces

L-formed kitchen ideas work whether an area is really a small, medium or large. L-formed layouts use both contemporary and traditional cabinetry, and also the form is flexible enough to adjust to structural needs, for example sloping ceilings or large home windows.

As with every kitchen ideas, your alternatives will be to an excellent extent determined through the size and shape of the room, however that doesn’t mean you need to be restricted with regards to designing your ideal kitchen layouts.


We have put together an array of the most popular L-formed kitchen good ideas , decide if this sounds like the best layout for you personally.


Just like our expectations from the kitchen have altered significantly during the last twenty years, kitchen layouts have evolved to match.

You might hear designers make reference to the ‘work triangle’ – the arrangement from the key work stations of fridge, sink and oven within this pattern, which cuts lower around the distance travelled when prepping and cooking.

The job triangular continues to be used, but it isn’t as dominant because it was previously there’s moving to some more straight line approach in modern kitchen ideas, inspired through the lengthy work benches from the restaurant kitchen.

Obviously, ergonomics aren’t the only deciding factor. Room size and shape play part. Sometimes your main option in small kitchens would be to choose a galley kitchen.

Lifestyle and appearance will also be key elements – a wide open plan kitchen for instance needs to look fabulous as it’s usually on show.

If space enables, a built-in banquette the same shape as an L, such as the one above, might be precisely what your open plan space needs.


The L-formed kitchen layout is better in lengthy, thin rooms, where space to have an island or cabinetry around the opposing wall might not be possible.

Small kitchen layouts don’t have to mean too little style, however. Open shelving in the finish from the L gives an airy, spacious feel for this narrow kitchen.


Fitting your cabinetry, worktops and kitchen storage ideas into an L shape leaves the rest of your kitchen area free that you should express yourself.

The L-formed layout works extremely well inside a large kitchen. It’s also the perfect layout to have an island that works like a breakfast bar.

4. Prepare Together

If you like cooking having a partner, family or buddies, then an L-formed kitchen may be the perfect selection for you.

Answer to developing a effective kitchen – to cook and socialising – is planning. ‘The design ought to be carefully considered in order to maximize convenience without blocking the flow of space,’ explains Jane Stewart, design director of Mowlem & Co. The final factor you would like would be to obstruct of another person.

A competent method of doing this really is to produce zones for every area, with everything else required for prep and cooking in a single, and table linen and crockery within the other.

5. Split Up An Area By Having An L

Make use of an L-formed design to interrupt up a wide open plan living area.

Keep your cooking and kitchen chores tightly together within an L, and let the remainder of a sizable room get to family existence.

The most practical kitchen island ideas won’t provide just as much preparation and space for storage being an L-formed run of units alongside from the room would.