Kitchens for entertaining – essential design advice and tips for sociable kitchens

Designing kitchens for entertaining is one thing that first came into being when open-plan layouts arrived to fashion – and it looks like the recognition of kitchen-diners will endure.

Designing an ‘entertainment kitchen’ is essential to obtain right. This kind of kitchen is really a space into which we are able to welcome visitors in addition to one we are able to enjoy ourselves daily – for from cooking and eating like a family to working at home. Quite simply, this kind of must multi-task – therefore the connected kitchen ideas have to be clever.

‘With the wintertime almost here and also the festive season looming, the brain begin to veer towards accommodating visitors in your house space,’ states interior designer Irene Gunter of Gunter & Co.

‘It’s never too early to begin thinking about how the style of your house could impact home entertaining as well as for us, that consideration will invariably begin with your kitchen. Actually, almost all the kitchens we the perception of our customers are made with entertainment in your mind.


‘First to think about would be the appliances, particularly refrigeration space. For any household that entertains regularly, we advise installing a good wine fridge. Although they may be a good investment purchase, serving wines in their optimum temperatures is really a sure way to include some magic to your house entertaining.

‘If budget is a problem, we love to to set up another fridge inside the kitchen island. Where possible, we advise installing this around the working side from the island to ensure that it’s from the look at visitors.

‘If you’ve got a utility room or walk-in kitchen, together with a fridge in those spaces could be a good solution too. You may also make use of this space to keep extra food you’re serving up whether it becomes a squeeze inside your primary fridge. We’re big on a fridge drawer too! They create for nice space for storage for cans or mixers particularly.

‘If your visitors are remaining some time, getting an area in your kitchen where visitors might help themselves to their personal drinks. You may also then add breakfast basics here so they’re not dependent on you being up contributing to every morning to focus on them. Whenever your party is under way, this can be used area like a drinks prep station – just remember individuals ice buckets!’


‘The kitchen island may be the heart from the kitchen. It’s where we are able to relax more than a coffee, compensate for the weekend newspapers, possess a quick natter or scroll through our phones. For those who have children with you, it is also apt to be a homework station after school!

‘But when visitors are round and entertaining is within full flow, the area is usually where visitors gather or pull-up excrement although having a glass of vino and a few nibbles. It might be the epicenter from the party.

‘We recommend benefiting from extra barstools set for special events. Remember the additional extras make a big difference – a periodic flower display, some candle lights or lanterns or perhaps some fairy lights can create the right atmosphere to thrill your visitors.’


‘Never underestimate the significance of good kitchen lighting suggestions for entertaining. Think atmospheric mood lighting. We like collections of candle lights and lanterns dotted around however in-built lighting should not be overlooked.

‘Pendants (or a number of them) looming within the kitchen island and dining areas really are a firm champion. Ceiling spotlights can make all of your room perfectly lit by using different circuits and controllers, you are able to adapt for that atmosphere. If you are including interesting floor lights, make certain you integrate floor-mounted sockets so there aren’t any cables around the corner!’


‘Make certain any open plan space has good air flow. You do not want last night’s food aromas to loiter. Extraction must be taken into consideration, particularly if it’s over a tropical.

‘Remember that the ceiling-mounted extractor can often be quite intrusive, particularly if housed inside a conservatory-style kitchen. If this sounds like the situation, a lower-draft extractor set into the top of island, or perhaps a discreet integrated ceiling-mounted model creates a great choice.’


When visitors will be sitting down in the dining room table for any lengthy time, comfort is essential. Upholstered chairs can offer the support that’s needed for many courses along with a coffee. Your dining room chairs should have the right ergonomics, though.

You might like to include dining room chairs which have arms within the mix, too. Even when your table does not have the scale to suit these alongside, they’re still worth thinking about for every finish on the table.

For space efficiency, you might consider built-in seating for that dining room table. Banquette seating ideas can make exactly the same balance of comfort and support being an upholstered dining chair and could be positioned along one wall or associated with cabinets.

As an upholstered dining chair, it provides the chance to usher in color and/or pattern towards the plan and boost the decorative detail from the room.