Kitchen tile costs — which type is best for my budget?

You may want to consider different kitchen tile costs when searching at tiles for the kitchen walls and floor, to determine what type is the best for your financial allowance.

In the end, there’s a host of various kitchen tile ideas and materials available. Which you go searching for have a major impact on the total price of a task, whether you’re undertaking a refresh or fitting a completely new kitchen.

And that’s specially the situation with regards to flooring due to the relative size the region over a backsplash.

Some tiles is going to be appropriate for the floor and also the walls of the kitchen, while many other materials or individual tile designs are choices for walls only. But next it’s your budget available for you combined with the kitchen ideas you choose which will determine your decision.


From cost-efficient ceramic kitchen tiles to space-enhancing glass tiles, we check out the potential budgets you will have to look after.


If you‘re searching for an inexpensive option which will provide your kitchen an excellent look, ceramic tiles may be the best type for you personally.

One factor to understand when you purchase ceramic tiles is the fact that many are only appropriate as kitchen wall tiles or like a backsplash and can’t be laid on the ground, check appropriateness before choosing.

Ceramic tiles can begin from around $1 per sq . ft . (or around £6 per square meter), and that’s for versions which are appropriate for floors and walls. A mid-priced option may be around $15 per sq . ft . (£13 per square meter).

Be conscious that does not every porcelain tile is an inexpensive option, and a few could be costly. Patterned and relief designs in addition to more unusual shapes can frequently weigh more heavily on a tight budget. However, the option of colors, styles and sizes certainly isn’t limited whenever your spend is modest.