Kitchen lighting ideas – ways to set the scene for cooking, eating and entertaining

Kitchen lighting ideas are a fundamental part of any effective design plan, with functional and aesthetic illumination particularly significant inside a space which is used more and more for entertaining around cooking.

Aside from its key function, lighting may have a transformative impact on your kitchen area ideas from making the area look bigger to highlighting key pieces and developing a specific atmosphere.

Kitchens usually have to include task, mood and have lighting. Task lighting is easily the most practical so they cover industrious areas such as the prep space, kitchen area and also the sink mood lighting creates different atmospheres and have lights are eye-catching and may simply introduce a little bit of character.


Buying a kitchen lights design that gives both effective task lighting and helps to create the right atmosphere is important. These kitchen lighting ideas and expert consultancy can help you start that journey.

1. Combine YOUR FIXTURES, BUT Ensure That It Stays COHERENT

As all kitchens will need multiple various kinds of lighting, consider exploring numerous kitchen lighting trends inside your space by matching and mixing different fixtures.

‘Have fun with various shapes and shades, but when you’re mixing up, stay with a style or perhaps a core tone to ensure that everything hangs together visually,’ states Tom Howley, Design Director of his eponymous kitchen design brand.

This principle is obvious within this large barn conversion kitchen by Richard Felix-Ashman, where three differing types of pendant, chandelier and wall lighting happen to be used within the counters, island and platforms. These feature the colour black with two sporting brass accents, using the entire plan exploring a modern day undertake vintage styles.


Although lights make a big effect through their illumination power, however their form can frequently function as the final bit of your kitchen area design puzzle which brings everything together.

The current kitchen lighting ideas utilized in this Bay Area apartment by Cathie Hong see a set of black and dark eco-friendly pendant lights hang over a tropical inside a kitchen that’s largely colored with white-colored and lightweight oak. Combined with the faucet, the lights produce a standout contrast using their dramatically dark color, adding structure along with a thoughtful design touch towards the space.


‘To really maximize beautiful surfaces, select fittings which are low glare and supply discreet illumination,’ states Luke Thomas, design director, John Cullen Lighting.

‘Recessed downlights or spotlights with frosted glass lenses produce a diffuse light for any soft wash, while straight line LEDs provide a continuous, even glow. It’s important to use lighting with excellent color rendering qualities, CRI 95 is better, so materials, particularly natural materials, are noticed within their true form clear warping or flat lifelessness.’

4. Think About A SOLO LIGHT To Focus On A Focus

Just one designer light poised above a tropical unit could be what is needed to unite a plan, inject elegance, and emphasise a focus, particularly in a wide open plan space.

‘If you’re opting for one lone fitting, it ought to be scaled compared using the island. Not too big it overpowers, nor so small it appears lost within the space,’ states Mike Fetherston, design director, Hetherington Newman. ‘Position either centrally when the form of the area suits, or over a bar sitting area. The foot of the pendant ought to be obvious of mind height, so a minimum of 90cm over the worktop.’


When thinking on how to plan kitchen lighting, never be afraid to visit big at the kitchen’s heart. Daringly oversized lighting features are an easy way to include character to some kitchen – be sure that you position them carefully. Within this kitchen by Tiffany Leigh, oversized lampshades hang in the ceiling within the island – their positioning maximizes task lighting within the workspace, whilst developing a prevalent warm glow in the center from the room. Crucially, they’re stored sufficient to not hinder the eyeline, and give a cool touch because of their slightly surreal size.