Kitchen layout ideas – clever ways to arrange cabinetry and configure your space

Searching to reinvent your house having a couple of new kitchen layout ideas? These professional design hacks will help you make the most of your house floor area.

Kitchens can be found in all shapes and sizes, and you’ll be spoilt for choice with kitchen layouts and formation options when beginning on the task. The end result is to think about things progressively, and think about how you use and move within the space.

Also consider how you go to your family would make use of the area afterwards. It may be about food prep now. But lower the street, it will need for use as place to complete homework, a ‘teaching area’ where your kids learn to bake, or possibly a classy entertaining place.


Galley kitchens are some of the most space-efficient layouts you may decide. Ideal for keen cooks, and ideal for maximizing storage and work surface space in smaller sized sized kitchens. This super-efficient layout is nice if you are trying to find small kitchen ideas that maximize every inch of space.

Allison Lynch, of kitchen design company Roundhouse, states: ‘A galley kitchen usually occupies a somewhat small space – they are frequently a walkway between two rooms. An ideal length might be 3.5 – 5m with space both sides in the door opening allowing no less than an average depth countertop.

‘Although they’re usually quite small, they are very ergonomic spaces with anything else usually within arms’ achieve – with, ideally, the sink the whites as well as the hob alternatively.’

Placing these two key components centrally within each run of units may be the finest approach, while using dishwasher round the sink side in the run as well as the refrigerator to the side of the hob.

2. SHARE Your House Getting A U-Created LAYOUT

U-created kitchens are an ultra-practical option. They contain countertops on three connecting sides, allowing more than enough room to prepare.

It’s most likely the best layouts to own in small , open plan homes alike, and the easiest method to provide the ergonomic triangular that’s frequently discussed in kitchen design – where your fridge, oven and sink are within easy achieve of one another.

Furthermore, it easily enables for just two cooks with the cooking simultaneously for just about any team dinner-making effort.

Allison Lynch states: ‘U-created kitchen ideas work most effectively in spaces ideally from 3 – 3.5m, bear in mind the bigger the area the higher crossing the region you must do.’

Bigger kitchens could accommodate adding a primary island, too, just like this case by Amanda Evans Interiors. With a lot of room for cabinetry and built-in appliances across the edge, the region offers a casual sitting room and additional preparation space.


The most frequent layout is some type of L-shape, with one or more straight run. The classic design uses two adjoining walls from the room allowing a ongoing flow of worktops and cabinets.

The central area is stored free, to be able to possess a spacious feel or give a tropical for additional worktop space and storage.

‘L-created kitchens certainly are a classic, timeless design,’ repeat they at Magnet. ‘And outdoors floor area it can make enables your kitchen area to get accessible in the position.’


Large kitchens and enormous families can certainly make the most of utilizing kitchen island tips to add extra storage and preparation space.

Multi-use spaces are increasingly more looked for after, plus an island enables you to prepare dinner although monitoring the kids, additionally to doubling like a socialising area, work space, or homework desk.

‘The benefit of an exotic layout could it be is fantastic for zoning in open plan areas, it is exactly what lots of people choose today,’ states Roundhouse’s Allison Lynch. ‘It’s an excellent little bit of social furniture and effectively creates two different spaces, someone to prepare then one for prep, with one person within the island but another within the worktop.

‘Another big benefit inside an open plan space is always that an exotic could be produced to look similar to a piece of furniture.

‘An island enables free movement completely around, and people can enter in the space from various directions. It might feel less monolithic, a considerably lighter piece of furniture when compared to a peninsula, with careful usage of plinth lighting it might be made to appear like it’s floating.’


A kitchen area area island is wonderful, however when it’ll create a natural passage in the kitchen area space in one location to a different, for instance within the hallway using the kitchen in to a garden, a peninsula could be a more sensible choice.

‘Consider choices to a kitchen area area island, while you have space,’ advises Homes & Gardens’ affiliate editor Busola Evans. ‘A peninsula, for instance, can provide the majority of the benefits of an exotic without interrupting the cooking workflow.’