Kitchen island lighting ideas – how to light up this prime spot to perfection

Kitchen island lighting ideas really are a vital consideration in almost any plan – when the kitchen may be the heart of the house, then your island should be what keeps it beating.

Good lighting is among the most significant elements to element in to the kitchen ideas, but it is particularly important with regards to kitchen islands – in the end, what’s the purpose of getting the feature if you cannot display it in public in most its glory?

Most kitchen island ideas are ‘used for cooking and preparing food, in addition to entertaining and getting the household together,’ states Niki Wright, founding father of Lights & Lamps.

‘The kitchen island is how design and performance meet,’ notes Mike Neuman, founding father of Home Lighting Ideas. ‘Kitchen islands ought to be enjoyable yet functional workstations.

‘Food preparation requires balanced light to show the detail of ingredients and fine chopping. While on the other hand, low to no light is needed during meals to mask evidence of their creation. Among occasions, a tropical may be the design feature to produce concentrate the area and also to invite conversation.’


Inside a contemporary kitchen, with sleek lines and a good amount of white-colored, turn to creating a statement together with your kitchen island lighting ideas.

Continue the clean lines from the space with modern kitchen lighting, like a bold pendant inside a black steel, to make certain your island has all of the impact possible.

‘Hanging just one pendant over a tropical can produce a bold statement inside a plan,’ comments Jamie Blake, creative director of Blakes London.

‘In an area similar to this, in which the ceiling heights are generous, hanging just one oversized pendant within the island draws the attention upwards, getting the elegant Georgian coving into focus and providing the eye an additional priority. ‘

By selecting a pendant that stretches out broadly and incorporates multiple bulbs, you make sure that the entire width from the island is going to be lit ideal for making certain both cooking areas as well as your selected kitchen island seating ideas are very well illuminated.

2. Select A Straight line STYLE

Another wonderful route for any modern plan is really a straight line kitchen island lighting solution. The straight line style is particularly effective over a relatively narrow island, because it keeps proportions feeling even, and adds a sleek turn to any breakfast bar ideas you’re thinking about.

This is actually the Compendium Suspension Light by Daniel Rybakken for Viaduct and features a diffused Brought light, meaning not simply will the bulbs last forever, however the light is going to be spread evenly. Although this option will come in black and aluminium, choosing a brass finish will prove to add warmth to some contemporary space.

3. INSTALL THE Unpredicted

Chandeliers are most frequently connected with grand staircases, entrance halls and formal entertaining spaces. However, there aren’t any rules against adding someone to your kitchen area island lighting ideas list.

Install a more sophisticated chandelier above your island to help make the work area a focus and conversation starter.

Do remember that, based on which style you select, there might be multiple components that could collect dust. Because you clearly do not want dust inside your cooking, either select a more minimal chandelier or make certain to possess a quick dust before beginning preparing any food.

4. Illuminate THE RAINBOW

A brand new trend in kitchen island lighting ideas is using color.

‘Currently, there’s an emphasis on character lighting large pendant lights over the island are extremely popular, assisting to introduce color along with a decorative touch towards the kitchen,’ notes Richard Moore, design director at Martin Moore. ‘In high rooms, pendant lighting also aid to attract the main focus downwards for the island.’

When planning kitchen lighting with color, integrate shades out of your kitchen cabinet suggestions to create cohesion. Once this really is inside, enjoy adding unpredicted pops of other hues.


With metals very popular in lighting, it may be simple to ignore how impactful utilizing a traditional material could be.

With respect to the style of your house, classic enamel pendant lights can provide a retro, rustic or industrial feel. It is a look that actually works especially well in barn conversions, country qualities and spaces with uncovered brick walls, in addition to being a fantastic choice with regards to lighting suggestions for small kitchens.