Kitchen curtain ideas – 5 ways to style your cooking space with drapery

Kitchen curtain ideas might not be most of your concern when remodelling your cooking space, but they’re that little pinch of seasoning that may turn your design from palatable to positively tasty.

Obtaining the window treatment ideas is vital inside a room where sun light is essential for daily tasks, and that’s frequently positioned towards the rear of the home with views from the garden.

The running nature of kitchens does mean they crave characterful touches, and curtains are a good platform to inject personality and a feeling of your specific style.

1. ADD Instant COLOR

Curtain ideas aren’t only for preventing light and prying eyes – they may be about getting a flourish of design personality right into a space too. ‘A kitchen could be a nice space to inject some color to your kitchen with the draperies,’ states Louise Wicksteed, Design Director at Sim cards Hilditch. Within this country home, the red and white-colored patterned curtains bring instant color right into a largely neutral kitchen diner, a chromatic pop that is reflected in the statement red dining room chairs too.

2. BRING The Outside Along With Eco-friendly

Spaces which seamlessly blend the outside using the inside have become more and more popular, and also the kitchen’s usual position at the rear of the house causes it to be an excellent candidate for the kind of sliding glass doorways. Adding a discreet curtain for optional privacy doesn’t have to disrupt the contemporary feel – think about a light and modern fabric in trending eco-friendly to match your garden beyond. Eco-friendly fabrics and nature-inspired patterns will also be a great option for bay layer ideas. They are from Romo Fabrics.

3. USE CURTAINS To Melt A Contemporary KITCHEN

Curtains aren’t usually considered probably the most modern window treatment choice for kitchens – but trembling from the confines of minimalism will pay dividends. It’s very simple for a clever, modern kitchen full of hard lines and polished surfaces to feel harsh and clinical, so think about using curtains to include some gentleness in to the mix. Within this kitchen diner by interior designer Olivia Stutz, the big layer ideas contain crisp white-colored linen drapes that tie nicely along with the white-colored marble and pale wood, but give a homeliness towards the space too.


A block of pale color creates a relaxing feeling inside a kitchen diner, though placing a more dark, patterned panel at the end of every is the best way to hide the inevitable marks and scuffs floor-length curtains are affected at patio doorways.

For any relaxed appeal, avoid starched-searching fabrics for linen that appears purposefully rumpled.


For individuals whose design aesthetic shuttles between contemporary and traditional, kitchen curtain ideas could be a clever tool to assist bridge that gap. Within this kitchen, a handleless white-colored kitchen and black gloss island are paired alongside a parquet wooden floor and Victorian dining furniture. The straightforward curtains give a historic touch towards the modern glass doorways. If you are wondering how you can measure for curtains, attempt to add a couple of inches towards the length to match a puddle at the end, developing a vintage and splendid feel.