Kitchen cabinet refinishing costs – a guide

Kitchen cabinet refinishing pricing is essential to know if you wish to provide your room an update. And when design works perfectly for everybody, and also the cabinets are quality designs, refinishing is definitely the easiest method to acquire a fresh look without waste and unnecessary expenditure.

The entire process of refinishing cabinets is determined by what they’re produced from, their style, and also the new finish envisaged on their behalf, also it influences the price, too. Their number, obviously, may also affect what you are able count on paying.

We’ve known as with an expert to supply the lowdown on kitchen cabinet refinishing costs so that you can budget to create your kitchen area ideas a real possibility.


It may be a situation of the new stain for wood cabinets, or maybe painting them is desirable to update the area, but kitchen cabinet refinishing costs get this to a useful project if the style of your living space is otherwise ideal. This really is what you ought to know to provide your kitchen area cabinet ideas a brand new new face.


A brand new stain or wood finish could make top quality cabinets seem like new, based on Mallory Micetich, homecare expert at Angi.

When it comes to kitchen cabinet refinishing costs, rely on typically $4 to $10 per sq . ft . (£32 to £80 per square metre), she states.

‘Refinishing cabinets involves sanding them lower or chemically stripping their existing finish, which makes them look natural,’ she explains.

‘If you employ a pro for that staining, which we advise, labor will probably cost between $35 and $75 (£35 and £56) each hour. The typical total labor pricing is between $500 to $1,000 (£375 to £750) per project.’

Obviously, you’ll be able to perform the focus on a do it yourself basis, but Mallory doesn’t recommend it. ‘You could cut costs using this method project yourself, however for a higher-quality finish which will last, it’s better to get in touch with a professional,’ she states. ‘What frequently takes DIYers days to accomplish can be achieved with a pro in 2 or 3 days.’

Just How Much DOES PAINTING Cabinets COST?

Once more, the price of painting cabinets is going to be lower should you paint them yourself, however for a glance comparable to the main one you achieved when purchasing an excellent colored kitchen initially, bringing in a professional is more suitable.

‘Painting cabinets has a tendency to cost between $1,200 and $6,000 (£900 and £4,500) when made by a professional,’ explains Mallory.

Should you do-it-yourself, you’d undertake a multi-stage job. ‘You will have to strip the cupboards to get rid of old paint, sand them and use the new paint carefully,’ states Mallory. ‘Make sure to check out the process and to decide on the right paint for the cabinets’ material as well as your climate.’


What they’re produced from comes with an affect on kitchen cabinet refinishing costs. ‘When painting or refinishing your cabinets, the kind of paint, stain or finish – and it is cost – is determined by the cabinets’ original material,’ explains Mallory.

‘Some materials will also be simpler to stain than the others. For instance, refinishing and staining wood is simpler than doing exactly the same to veneers or laminates, meaning the second will need more labor along with a greater cost to stain.’


There are a variety of things that may push-up the balance for refinishing cabinets.

‘The number and material of the cabinets, price of labor and complexity from the cabinets’ design will all change up the cost to refinish your kitchen area cabinets,’ explains Mallory.

Dimensions are, as you’d expect, crucial. ‘A bigger kitchen with increased cabinets will definitely cost more to refinish than the usual small, galley kitchen or perhaps a kitchen area,’ she states.

Where you reside may also come up. ‘The price of labor will be based somewhat on local demand,’ she states.

Design for the cupboards also plays a component. ‘Trim, detailing or carvings allow it to be harder and will raise the labor some time and skill needed to accomplish the work,’ she states.