Kitchen cabinet lighting ideas –5 ways to add mood or task illumination

It’s worth incorporating kitchen cabinet lighting ideas right into a kitchen design. They may be area of the layers of illumination which make a kitchen area a practical room to prepare a meal, but additionally allow a big change of atmosphere for dining and welcoming visitors.

Lighting cabinets could be a practical solution so you can easily locate products while preparing and preparing food, but they may also create a display of products for example stemware or china in glass-fronted cabinets, so they’re always worth thinking about as some your kitchen area ideas.

We’ve collected lighting suggestions for cabinets to inspire together with advice from experts that can help in realizing its practical and aesthetic benefits.

1. BACKLIGHT The Cupboards

To produce a watch-catching feature for any kitchen, consider backlighting your kitchen area cabinets, developing a gentle glow behind what’s on show.

‘With kitchens to be the hub in our homes we design our furniture to become both highly functional also to look beautiful in your day and also at night,’ states Richard Moore, design director, Martin Moore.

‘This cupboard not just provides capacious storage for wine glasses, wine, china and utensils, but we’ve backed the piece with exquisite backlit faux onyx therefore it adds a sparkling focus when visitors gather for drinks and dinner.’


Like, kitchen wall lighting ideas, lights in cabinets may be used to produce a subtle mood. So, consider selecting kitchen cabinet lighting ideas that permit fine adjustment. This SieMatic SLX PURE range kitchen includes a sophisticated Brought cabinet lighting system.

‘The user can produce a three-dimensional effect by altering a dark tone and brightness from the Brought lighting system, which also transforms your kitchen space atmosphere and mood,’ explains Helena Myers, director from the Myers Touch.


Lighting in the kitchen cabinet could make the first morning routine inside a family house just a little smoother with cereal boxes along with other breakfast favorites simple to grab and make preparations.

‘I suggest adding a sensor towards the doorways, to ensure that once they open, the lights switch on and keep and also the doorways are closed, the lights instantly switch off,’ states Allison Lynch, senior design consultant at Roundhouse.


Exploit kitchen cabinet lighting suggestions for the storage for stemware. Lighting glass-fronted cabinets turns these essentials right into a feature from the room in addition to keeping them readily accessible, but free from dust. Glass shelves within the cabinet permit the light to become transmitted from the top cabinet towards the ‘abnormal’ amounts.

Stick to the example proven here by indicating sufficient wall cabinets for this function to set up glasses so that they aren’t crammed together.


Think about the backdrop from the cabinetry that’ll be lit inside your kitchen. Lighting may bring the very best in wood used within open-fronted cabinets, revealing its color, grain, and subtle sheen – actually, they are great lighting suggestions for small kitchens, enhancing space subtly by creating depth.

Equally, the sunlight will reveal favorites within the room. ‘Adding integrated mood lighting ensures your finest pieces will never be forgotten, states Tom Howley, design director in the eponymous company. ‘It offers an alternate ambient source of light when you are having a romantic dinner or cocktails with buddies.’