Kitchen cabinet colors – the 5 best colors to paint your cabinets

Thinking about the variety of kitchen cabinet colors? Whether you’re remodelling your living space or refreshing it, colored cabinets really are a fabulous choice, using the possibility to create both a glance you like plus provide your room a easy and durable-care finish.

Naturally, you’ll wish to select kitchen cabinet paint colors that you will gladly accept for some time in the future. But you could also be thinking about the ornamental power each hue. Different kitchen cabinet colors have particular benefits you may decide to exploit inside your room design. Some can brighten and visually enlarge the area, while some make cleaning a more uncommon necessity, for instance.

And with regards to design for your cabinets, you might like to consider which colors complement their look best and participate in all of your kitchen ideas.

1. CHOOSE White-colored FOR Cabinets

White-colored is definitely an enduringly popular choice among the plethora of possible kitchen cabinet colors. It’ll reflect light, and due to this quality it’s frequently selected for small kitchens to make them feel more spacious. It may also help counter the possible lack of light in cottage kitchens with small home windows.

‘As expected, lighter colors can be really advantageous for smaller sized kitchen spaces, particularly coupled with light worktops,’ states Tom Howley, design director at Tom Howley bespoke kitchens.

White-colored colored cabinets can complement an entire selection of kitchen styles. ‘Fresh and crisp, white-colored is the best color to embellish up a conventional plan, for instance a Shaker kitchen,’ states Melissa Klink, creative director at Harvey Johnson.

‘Timeless yet modern, it’ll give classic cabinetry an uplifting look that will act as the right base for neutral and colorful accessories and furnishings alike. Equally, white-colored is effective in modern settings, as lengthy as it’s balanced by colorful or natural-searching features adding character and heat.

‘If you believe white-colored will appear too stark inside your contemporary kitchen, try pairing it having a softer shade of beige or perhaps a more colorful eco-friendly. This can produce a more impactful look although still maintaining an unbiased and fresh base.’

Take notice of the room’s orientation if you are thinking about using white-colored when remodelling a kitchen area. ‘Think about how exactly the sunshine enters the area: could it be a chilly northern light, and will it be warmed through the colour of the cupboards or even the flooring?’ states Tom Howley. If white-colored continues to be that which you prefer, search for one with undertones of yellow or pink to prevent a awesome feel.

White-colored colored cabinets also show dirt more readily than other colors, so they may not be the greatest option for homes with youthful kids and pets, unless of course the additional maintenance involved is really a cost you’re willing to cover the undoubted upsides of the white-colored kitchen.


Leaning towards grey as the favorite among kitchen cabinet colors? You will find lots of different assumes grey which are possible, from grey-whites right through to dark grays that approach the drama of black colored cabinets (see below).

‘Gray is unquestionably probably the most popular colors we view recently,’ states Melissa Klink. ‘It works together with almost any type of kitchen, from country-style to ultra-contemporary.

‘However, you have to be in a position to balance it with the proper accessories and finishing touches. Grey kitchens can occasionally look just a little dull, so selecting contrasting colors for that barstools, accessories as well as some cabinets can definitely brighten and balance the entire plan.

‘For both modern and traditional styles, recent trends appear to become leaving awesome grays and leaning towards warmer and earthier shades of greige,’ she adds. And that’s certainly a method you might like to adopt in case your kitchen receives northern light, that can bring out awesome tones.

The sunshine reflectivity of paler tones of grey means they are a benefit with regards to small kitchens. ‘We possess some beautiful light grey colors that are very timeless and can have a small space fresh and feeling spacious,’ recommends Tom Howley.

Like a neutral, grey is simple to team along with other colors you might like to use for the kitchen wall decor and style features for example kitchen backsplash ideas, which makes it easy to construct a effective color plan for that room.

Grey could be more forgiving than white-colored with regards to hiding the grime which comes about with everyday kitchen use, even though the paler the form of grey you choose, the greater cleaning will probably be involved.


Blue kitchen cabinet colors are a recognised trend, and something that appears set to carry on. However, while deep wealthy navy blues may spring to mind first, other shades of blue are increasing in recognition.

You might like to consider fashion-forward powder blue, a take that’s clean and fresh but additionally relaxing to reside with, or slightly grey-toned sea blue, that is eye-catching without having to be overpowering.

‘Ocean-inspired blues work particularly well with timeless and traditional kitchen styles, for example Shaker-style cabinetry,’ states Melissa Klink. ‘Bold enough to spice up the plan and introduce personality, yet simple to accept, blue cabinetry looks brilliant combined with quarta movement worktops and wooden features getting light and heat towards the plan.’

Blues in the paler finish from the spectrum might help create a kitchen feel bigger, so consider them if you are searching for small kitchen ideas and white-colored is simply too clinical for the taste. They’re additionally a wonderful option for south-facing rooms which have the advantage of warm light during the day where they’ll optimize the expertise of light and space. Dark blues will advance visually, so might be generally best restricted to bigger rooms.

Another possible problem with blue is the fact that certain assumes the colour can seem to be awesome, consider getting a tester to make sure your chosen shade isn’t will make your living space feel chilly. Generally, blues that tend just a little towards eco-friendly are the type to pick for any warmer atmosphere.

A large benefit of blue cabinets – particularly the more dark versions? They won’t show the dirt easily delivering a minimal maintenance finish.


Eco-friendly kitchen cabinet colors can are the freshness of mint, with the earthiness of sage, to deep foliage eco-friendly. Connecting us to nature, eco-friendly could be a soothing shade, whichever version you select, making cabinets a wonderful feature from the plan, as opposed to a subtle backdrop to colorful backsplashes or kitchen floors.

They’re practical, too. Eco-friendly colored cabinets could be forgiving of marks and dirt to lessen cleaning time.

‘Green kitchens have surpassed blue schemes in recognition within the this past year,’ states Melissa Klink. ‘Green is really a versatile colour that appears in your own home inside a sleek setting nearly as much as a farmhouse kitchen.’

A little kitchen can seem to be bigger if you opt for a lighter undertake eco-friendly. Dark vegetables, meanwhile, could make bigger kitchens look super sophisticated. They needn’t be unthinkable for smaller sized rooms, however.

Deep tones could make the area cocooning, so that as eco-friendly lies in which the awesome and warm colors meet around the color wheel, it can help produce a cozy kitchen color plan. Keep in mind the freshest of vegetables can seem to be awesome, so prevent them in north-facing rooms.


Another from the kitchen cabinet colors that’s be a huge trend is black. It can make to have an atmospheric room plan, only one that’s simple to accept. Black cabinets won’t show grime, so they’re champions within the functionality along with the style stakes.

Black looks both dramatic and complicated, but given that it’ll absorb instead of reflect light, could it be only a choice for bigger rooms? ‘If you’ve your heart focused on this style, make certain the area will get plenty of natural daylight which your kitchen area lighting ideas are perfectly planned,’ states Tom Howley.

‘Add pale natural flooring or white-colored surfaces and mirrors to assist bounce light around and open out smaller sized spaces. Avoid a lot of pale contrasts though, as the good thing about a dark kitchen is based on developing a sophisticated yet snug atmosphere.’

With regards to the orientation of the room, you may think the awesome light inside a north-facing kitchen rules blackout, but instead of fighting it, you can simply welcome the chance to help make the kitchen feel cozy and cocooning with black cabinets.

Black could be a winning option when thinking about modern kitchen ideas. ‘Sleek and contemporary cabinetry can frequently look just a little clinical, particularly if colored in minimal whites or grays,’ states Melissa Klink. ‘Black is really a effective color which will add a lot personality, depth and definition towards the plan.

‘Black handleless cabinetry looks very sophisticated, however if you simply prefer adding handles, brass or matt black brassware will give you a commercial and splendid final touch.’

However, black should certainly perform your listing of possible kitchen cabinet paint colors if you like other kinds. ‘Black is another great choice if you wish to bring some edge right into a traditional Shaker or country-style plan,’ Melissa continues.

‘Particularly having a more classic design, if you go searching for black, make certain the area has enough sun light to consider this type of bold colour and add lighter touches with the worktop, soft furnishings, dining room table and chairs.’