Kit Kemp reveals the 3 colors that will make you happy – and a psychologist agrees

Interior designer Package Kemp is quickly associatable with color – but among her most inspired color scheme, three hues stick out because the most wondrous of all of them.

Based on Kit’s interior planning tips, yellow, orange, and red will prove to add vibrancy for your plan – however their advantages don’t finish there. Rather, they boast mental benefits that promote positive wellbeing during your plan – and spark happiness in most visiting.

Even though these tones have Kit’s press, they’re supported by science too.

The Colours That Can Make YOU Most joyful – Based On Package KEMP

In her own blog, Package shares her color recommendations alongside psychiatrist Lee Chambers who discusses her claims – so that you can rely upon their aesthetic and scientific characteristics.


‘The colour of the sun’s rays, this effective hue is aligned with hierarchy and standing, Package shares in her own discussion of among the most joyful colors on her behalf palette. But important so wondrous – and just how does she utilize it across her Firmdale Hotels?

‘Its enthusiasm and enlightenment are regarded as a contented lift for the mood, and that i would likely agree that walking with the door in the finish during the day to instant yellow lifts my spirits,’ Package shares.

‘In practical terms, yellow can counter the darkness of low-lit spaces, and that’s why I love to utilize it in dark rooms as well as on the low floors in our hotels.’

Using yellow – combined with the other vibrant colors – is definitely an immediate method to ‘brighten up our days,’ Lee concurs.

‘When you are looking at Kit’s assessment of those warm, intense colors, she’s certainly correct in amplifying how these colors can incite positive feelings – especially because the darkness of winter descends here,’ he states.

‘There is really a cheerful and inventive edge to yellow, also it can be used in a variety of spaces,’ Lee adds. However, when discussing his paint ideas, Lee reminds us to think about its intensity ‘as yellow is easily the most fatiguing color on the eyes and may cause irritability’ – particularly if we percieve yellow for any prolonged period.


Much like yellow, Package praises orange because of its ‘energetic, spontaneous and [dynamacy]’ and she or he uses it in the same manner – to ‘cheer up a more dark room.’ However, with regards to family room paint ideas, Package warns that orange isn’t for everybody.

‘Before using this step, consider its placement and whether you’d be happy utilizing it inside a room used every single day,’ she states. Her sentiments are emphasized by Lee, who concurs that orange ‘has a inclination to become loved or hated.’

‘It rarely appears to possess a simple tolerance when it’s overused within an atmosphere, and locating a creative way for doing things, particularly if it resonates along with you, is really a positive challenge to attempt,’ he adds.

3. RED

Among Kit’s three picks, red is perhaps typically the most popular hue – through its bold tones ought to be restricted to an area in which the passion and ‘heat’ work.

‘If you’re searching for any calm atmosphere for somewhere just like a bed room, possibly it’s not the best choice,’ Package states. ‘However, it’s a color that applies perfectly to libraries or dining rooms.’

Lee concurs with Kit’s easy paint ideas, suggesting that red ‘increases our heartbeat, encourages us to become social and causes us to be feel emboldened to action’ – meaning it ought to be restricted to a select couple of spaces within our homes.

‘Because of their pro-social characteristics and mood-enhancing benefits, could it be best utilized in spaces for entertaining and spaces in which a little volatility could be a bonus,’ Lee adds.

‘Naturally, you will find places where buzzing with fiery energy isn’t particularly productive. Make an effort to for doing things sparingly in spaces in which the primary goal would be to promote tranquility and stability.’

These color trends are supported by individuals in the peak from the mental – and also the interior planning world – so you’ve all of the approval you have to start painting.