Kelly Wearstler’s Christmas cocktail recipe – an Old Fashioned with a twist

If you are searching for any Christmas cocktail recipe having a difference, you’ll love famous interior designer Kelly Wearstler’s undertake that old Fashioned. One to increase your listing of Christmas recipes, we believe.

‘A taste from the historied Oaxacan hillside, highly spiced with chai, walnut, chocolate and burnt rosemary oil, this Traditional is ideal for a spirited toast to darkening days and also the mysteries of existence,’ states Kelly Wearstler.

‘Infuse a container of Madre Mezcal with chai teabags for 12 hrs. Drip 5oz walnut syrup right into a mixing glass then pour .5oz from the Madre infusion on the top adopted by three dashes of chocolate bitters.’


Most of the decorative products proven here are on purchase at Kelly Wearstler, or obviously, you should use what you have in your own home.

Madre Mezcal

Chai teabags

Walnut syrup

Chocolate bitters

Rosemary oil method