Kelly Wearstler’s 5 top tips for styling a winter living room

1. Make Use Of An AUTUMNAL Color Scheme

‘Elevate your home by having an infusion of alluring autumnal hues and also the fiery, golden warmth of year. Throw cushions in deep earthen colors and delicious textures add layers of depth and richness with easy transformation,’ she states.


Christmas foliage ideas, are intrinsic to styling a winter family room.

‘Florals inside a bold, grounded-spice palette bring an evocative, organic energy and link with the outside inside.’

3. Envision WARM LIGHT AND Aromatic AROMAS

The easiest tips for a comfortable family room is frequently just obtaining the light levels – and heat, perfect. Similarly, the most effective home scent can instantly transform an area into one which feels inviting and galvanizing.

‘Lighting a fireplace, tall tapers along with a warm, aromatic incense heightens the physical experience beyond spatial to spirited,’ states Kelly.

4. CREATE A Focus For That SPACE

Every effective family room has a focus. This can be a lit fire inside a gorgeous hearth, or it may be perfected table styling. Or, it may be an ornamental element that encourages sociability and togetherness.

‘I love adding an attractive chess or backgammon set to focus on for cozy nights,’ states Kelly.


For just about any space to feel at ease, it requires layering. This includes rugs – laid for winter otherwise for summer time – throws, upholstered chairs, floral displays, as well as that chess set – all in warm, autumnal shades.

‘Layering a patina of fall style instantly uplifts interiors and invites intimate, feel-good gatherings,’ concludes Kelly.