Isabella Rossellini’s quirky Long Island barn is full of surprises

Home invasions by creatures really are a common occurrence for Isabella Rossellini, from bats and raccoons to her very own heritage breeds.

‘The sheep have two acres however i sometimes allow them to graze within the piazza plus they prefer to stampede in to the house,’ she states.

The ‘piazza’ the model and actress-switched-player describes may be the grassy square in the center of her three-barn dwelling in Bellport, Lengthy Island, which she restored alongside her great friend, the architect Pietro Cicognani, and which she lately revealed to H&G.

Isabella’s house is among 18 of Pietro’s projects – a few of the world’s best homes – featured in the new book, Pietro Cicognani Architecture and style. The happy couple met greater than twenty five years ago through mutual buddies so when Isabella hired him to renovate her dilapidated barn, an attractive working relationship blossomed.

‘When I labored along with other architects, there is this incredible preoccupation with in which the primary bed room, bathroom or dining area would go,’ Isabella adds.

‘But getting formerly resided inside a loft for several years, I understood that it is the area that produces your way of life. This can be a cool and original project, and so i wanted to utilize someone who would comprehend the playfulness from it.’


Flowers spilling from ceramic containers enliven the porch, which doubles like a sun terrace with directors’ chairs for flexible seating.

Positioned round the piazza, the development and also the colour of the structures stimulate a feeling of familiarity. ‘When Pietro produced this selection, I immediately felt in your own home since it is so Italian, but additionally because I’m half Swedish and also the red colorization from the structures jogs my memory of Norway.’

Living Space

Isabella first experienced this hidden rural corner on the ride a bike. Dating back the 1830s, your building had initially provided nutrition for that small whaling town and Isabella grabbed the chance to revive it. Unperturbed by the level of the 35-feet- lengthy barn, she uses the low floor for a job area.

Which area comes complete with original and intriguing family room ideas personal to the owner. Woven among black-and-white-colored family photographs and movie stills is Isabella’s quixotic assortment of art and curios, in which the animal kingdom and also the vibrant realm of the circus dominate. ‘I don’t are able to afford to purchase Picassos, however i do go shopping that make reference to creatures,’ she states, enjoyably revealing a sizable banner of the snake charmer.

A rearing horse from the movie set constitutes a fantastic focus it stands on the plywood floor that’s colored to resemble a rug.

An accumulation of books and presented photographs is informally displayed along a minimal wooden shelving unit lining the wall.


Isabella setup sleeping quarters within the hayloft. Pietro sourced this vintage group of plane steps to gain access to the hayloft.

Bed room

The big home windows in Isabella’s hayloft sleeping space generate lots of light and provide verdant views, with simple muslin curtains for privacy.

‘The largest barn is how Isabella makes lots of movie and theater pieces, so it’s just like a creative laboratory that they transpires with sleep inside,’ states Pietro.


A copper floor seals the restroom from leaks, ageing having a patina that reminds Pietro of leather.

The cottage is just about the kitchen and dining area having a guest bed room and toilet, and Pietro designed and built the 3rd barn to accommodate a swimming pool and sauna.

A graduate in animal behavior, and today running a 30-acre farm miles from her home, Isabella states the requirements of the creatures would be the fabric of her existence – rising early to have a tendency to them, rearing chicks and teaching her fashion protégés about the need for made of woll.

‘I’ve dreamed of just living such as this since i have would be a young girl, so I needed to get it done before I died,’ she states, among her dogs jumps onto her lap and fixes her by having an adoring gaze.