Inside Tommy Hilfiger’s Connecticut Castle – including an exclusive look at unseen rooms

Tommy Hilfiger has lately offered his French Normandy-style estate within the backcountry of Greenwich, Connecticut – however the interiors remain in keeping with American designer’s style. Mixing a continental aesthetic with British maximalism and American charm, the castle is a mix of cultures, situated atop the greatest reason for the city.

The style designer, who’s globally connected together with his eponymously-named label, resided within the 13,300-sq-foot castle that is among the most well-known qualities in Connecticut – using one of the world’s best homes.

Alongside local designer Cindy Rinfret of Rinfret, Limited, Tommy and the wife designed the interiors to become similar to an enchanting world – filled with whimsy, curiosity, and old-world charm – worth its grand exterior.

Here, H&G takes a unique tour around nothing you’ve seen prior seen rooms to determine how America’s most well-known designer resided.

Tommy Hilfiger is well known with this lacquer, plaid, and tartan designs – which castle maintains his signature throughout its traditional kitchen ideas. This room combines trendy gingham with traditional wooden tones to produce a cottage-style space that pays homage towards the fairy-tale theme running through the property.

These wooden hues continue predominantly within the library – in which the designers performed having a secret TV wall idea and hidden the screen behind it spines.

These ornate materials and exhibitions of expertise continue through the master bathroom, where you get a bathtub lined with wood porcelain along with a eco-friendly marble countertop.

Meanwhile, the guest bathroom features a maximalist wallpaper produced from down as well as an ornate mirror that maintains the home’s old-world aesthetic.

Regardless of the castle’s traditional features, they have switched the estate right into a family-friendly home which includes a modern bed room and studying nook that maintains that further compliments the castle’s unique decor.

There’s additionally a custom-designed brick-clad wine cellar hidden at the end from the property, where there’s space to sample wine before enjoying it within the dining area or kitchen.

Past the Norman French walls, the estate is really a catalyst of garden ideas – from the sculptures that continues the fairytale-style outdoors – towards the pool and tennis court. There’s also space for any private woodland walk among certainly one of southwestern Fairfield County’s most verdant settings.