Inside Robert Redford’s ‘Horse Whisperer’ ranch in Utah – listed for $4.9 million

Robert Redford’s regal Utah ranch just joined the marketplace for $4.9 Million. This cost tag features a century-old 1,460-square-feet Farmhouse, a 3,200-square-feet Wood Shop Hobby House, along with a separate 1,996-square-feet Garden Hobby house. These qualities are nestled among 30 acres of stunning mountainous landscape.

Robert, an Academy award-winning actor and director, is better noted for his starring roles in Butch Cassidy and also the Sundance Kid, The Sting, and also the Horse Whisperer – the 1998 Western that inspired the property’s name. The California-born actor and activist also received a Presidential Medal of Freedom from Obama in 2015.

The ranch, located 16 miles north of Sundance and 50 miles east of Salt Lake City, boasts two bedrooms within the primary farmhouse. The house includes several contemporary areas that showcase the home’s 100-years old heritage, including stone fireplaces that behave as the focus within the family room.

The wood-kissed kitchen combines a conventional farmhouse aesthetic having a contemporary marble twist – but features are overshadowed through the ranch’s most glorious asset: the vista.

Yes, as the interiors possess the capacity to delight, the ranch’s most impressive feature is its sublime Wasatch Mountain landscape, such as the peak from the 12,000-feet Mount Timpanogoswhich envelops the verdant estate. The land can also be found on the side of Deer Creek Reservoir and also the Provo River.

Alongside these domestic spaces, this working ranch includes several barns along with a horse pasture which Robert used to produce a sanctuary for that horses. These hobby houses incorporate a further two working kitchens and wooden benches that are appropriate for farm work.

Robert has resided around the ranch since 1996 but has listed the house with plans to pay attention to his other ranch in ‘Sundance in nearby Provo Gorge,’ he distributed to The Wall Street Journal. The actor also owns homes in California and Santa Fe in Boise State Broncos.