How ‘trends’ can be timeless – interior designer Emma Sims-Hilditch explains

We spend a lot of our time at H&G speaking concerning the latest trends, materials and finishes for interiors – but possibly as much time cautioning against selecting some decor just since it is trendy. How do we tread the thin line between selecting a look that’s trendy and something that’s timeless? Fortunately, there exists a design professional on hands to describe.

‘When many people consider interior planning trends, they consider passing fads which will rapidly grow tired and dated,’ states interior designer Emma Sim cards-Hilditch, founding father of Sim cards Hilditch design agency. Although this certainly could possibly be the situation, you’ll be able to pick the trends you follow carefully, enabling you to maintain the most recent fashion, while keeping an ageless home.


‘Ironically, the inclusion of antique furniture into interior planning is extremely en vogue this season, specially when combined with more sophisticated touches,’ states Emma. ‘At Sim cards Hilditch the incorporation of antiques into our interiors is really a major factor in our design ethos. Furthermore antiques bring a feeling of character and history to some space, the reuse and upcycling of old furniture pieces is unquestionably more suitable to purchasing new every season.’


‘It is well realize that using natural materials to produce quality furniture and joinery is really a recipe to have an interior that should last. The finish of 2021 saw the interest in natural materials in interior planning, for example linen, timber and stone flooring, increase. This stuff may be used to produce a “feel great”, timeless space that’s linked to nature, something which appears to possess become ever-more essential because the first lockdown.’


‘Soft scalloped designs on from headboards to backsplashes are showing popular this season. Their gentle curvature is effective inside a calming plan filled with natural materials and muted colors, but equally brings texture and layers to some more eclectic and playful plan filled with pattern and color. With this particular is mind, it’s obvious the versatile nature of scalloping can help it stand the ages for just about any interior.’


‘While excessively bold colors might be seen as an risk when it comes to their durability in interior planning, it’s not implausible that they must be used. Yellow is showing a well known shade. The secret would be to select a shade that’s rooted within the hues of nature, like a sunny yellow. This, combined with natural materials along with a neutral backdrop creates a sense of light relief with what otherwise may well be a serious space.’