How to style a console table – ideas for beautiful vignettes

The issue of the way to produce a console table is a crucial one as whether it’s in the family area, diner, or possibly a hallway, it’s a number one piece of furniture.

Departing its surface empty can be a missed chance to make a wonderful vignette and – in homes – a bare surface might prove a magnet for clutter, creating an unhealthy sight.

Here, we’ve develop console table styling methods to improve your range of family area recommendations for a place that’s elegant, appealing, and individual within the design.


Get a theme for your objects around the console table for just about any cohesive look. Here, an antiqued glass mirror takes center stage, with a number of objets in a number of natural tones displayed casually, but deliberately.

Pieces that don’t make same cue steer clear of the whole from searching crazy, and make a frame for your display.

2. Choose Some Lamps

The best way to style a console table and supply it classic credentials? Selecting some lamps can be a traditional approach to creating symmetry in home design that’s well suited for many rooms.

‘When styling a console, I typically shoot for symmetry, whether that’s accomplished with lamps, vases, or decorative objects,’ states Ashley DeLapp, founder and principal designer of Ashley DeLapp Home Design.

Follow this process when decorating a console table and hardly anything else might be needed for just about any beautiful display. ‘I choose to keep things streamlined and clean, using books to incorporate height while showcasing special trinkets or collections of flowers,’ Ashley states.

3. Ensure It Is MINIMAL

In the contemporary room plan, paring back what’s round the console table could be the best tactic. What’s crucial if that’s everything is selecting decorative items of sufficient scale to appear considered. Relating to this table a simple bowl of flowers draws the interest in mind is about the artwork above, presented with the console below.


One possible strategy when thinking regarding how to style a console table is always to possess a lead within the table itself. This design’s legs are echoed with the awesome lamp, vases along with the artwork. The look frame above repeats the color in the table’s material for just about any pulled-together result.


There’s a variety of techniques to show artworks around the console table – here, designer Adam Bray showcases sculptures and textiles in the simple but stunning arrangement.

Another road to foregrounding art is always to place it by having an easel.

‘I prefer to incorporate a little bit of art by having an easel when styling a console table,’ states Elegance Brackman, affiliate designer, Maggie Griffin Design. ‘Whether a classic-fashioned or abstract piece, art is a powerful way to integrate color and pattern for the tabletop.’