How to style a bookcase – the 10 rules our decorating editors never break

Finding out how to style a bookcase so it is really an elegant a part of an area as opposed to a distraction is essential to some effective plan. So regardless if you are a magazine hoarder, are obsessive about stunning table books or love a paperback novel, you will discover how you can artfully display them from your experts, below.

It might be that you are looking for bookshelf suggestions to raise your assortment of tomes simultaneously – the fabric, layout and form of these may be integral for your display, too. Out on another forget your preferred keepsakes – style a bookshelf therefore it holds recollections, too.


‘If you’re designing a house library, keep in mind that more than-styling bookcases is definitely an issue. Books are often beloved – not props, so don’t be concerned an excessive amount of about getting a couple of books a lot of that should be stacked sideways. However, should you choose this, make sure that some regions of the book shelves are stored book-free and dedicated to the display of the couple of key pieces that reflect design for your home,’ states Homes & Gardens’ decorating editor Emma Thomas.


If you’re designing book shelves on your own, it’s worth structuring their layout with how to style the bookcase in your mind. This works particularly well inside a space in which the bookshelf is easily the most interesting element and possibly even the focus, for example in the finish of the hallway, but can also be certainly one of individuals characterful office at home ideas that’s worth including in your house study. Here, the bookcase has bigger, longer niches where the owner can show artworks, trigger with a contrasting metallic background color.


You are able to style a bookshelf by grouping your table books together in piles – odd figures always perform best visually,’ states Homes & Gardens’ digital editor Jennifer Ebert. ‘If you need to do this, do leave some area surrounding each pile so they look deliberate and neat instead of accidental and untidy. You can theme them based on subject material or team similar colors together, but keep to 1 pile of books and a maximum of two ornaments per shelf to retain a spacious and styled look.’


‘To produce a balanced look when styling a bookcase, it is usually better to place the greatest tomes lower lower, and also the smaller sized reads on top,’ states Lucy Searle, Homes & Gardens’ Editor in Chief. ‘And search for organic formed vases to contrast from the vertical lines from the bookshelf.’

5. APPLY COLOR Plan RULES TO Book shelves, TOO

Your book shelves don’t have to be the focus of the room, actually, they are able to behave as an unbiased background to all of your plan. If you are a collector of classics they won’t have colorful spines anyway and you may remove individuals with colorful jackets to show an unbiased spine underneath generally.