How to plant tulip bulbs

At this time is spring bulb early spring, so learning to plant tulip bulbs may be towards the top of your gardening chores list with this weekend. Tulips, like other flowering bulbs, have to be grown in fall or once the outdoors/soil climate is at 60ºF or cooler this provides their roots time for you to develop for spring throughout the cold temperature.

Regardless if you are planting tulip bulbs as garden ideas, in containers or perhaps hanging baskets, you’re guaranteed lots of spring color. Tulips are available in a variety of beautiful colors, shapes, flower sizes and heights some flower early, others later, so check when you purchase to be able to possess a continuous display.

‘Tulips are my personal favorite spring bulb – I really like their big statement colors, their interesting shapes and also the existence they convey to borders and containers,’ states gardening expert and author Sarah Raven.

‘They haven’t lost their ability over people,’ concurs Anne Olivieri, whose vibrant and complex 6,000-strong tulip display draws people to britain’s annual Tulip Festival, locked in the gardens of her home, Morton Hall. ‘Tulips are versatile and scalable, anybody can grow them – in containers, or parklands, town or country, but density is essential.’


Tulips do very best in a properly-drained, neutral to alkaline soil you are able to obviously improve soil health insurance and conditions in borders with compost or leaf mould in case your soil is acidic you will need to add lime for the best results. If you are unsure, you will discover how you can test the pH of soil with this beginner’s guide.

Tulip bulbs ought to be grown three occasions much deeper compared to height of every individual bulb. Otherwise grown deep enough, they might suffer in really cold – or unseasonably warm – weather. For many tulip bulbs, the opening depth will have to be around 5 to 7in. If you reside in a very cold zone, you might want to plant them just a little much deeper.

‘To assist you to plant your tulips easier, use a traditional bulb planter. If you are planting through herbaceous plants and shrubs or through grass, a bulb planter is brilliant – it’s just like a massive apple corer so when you press it in to the ground it reduces a core of soil,’ states Sarah Raven.

Place each tulip bulb carefully in the hole, pointed finish facing upwards, blunt finish downwards.

‘Pop some spent compost or grit into the foot of the opening, add some tulip bulb and backfill with grit and compost exactly like you would within the trench,’ continues Sarah.

Space tulips around 4 to 5in – or two times their width – apart so they don’t contend with one another for that soil’s nutrients.

Cover the bulbs go back over with soil and press the soil into the hole firmly.

Water the grown bulb and step away.