How to plant shrubs – when, where and the best method for planting

Whatever how big your backyard you will need to understand how to plant shrubs because these – especially evergreens – will make up the structural backbone with other planting.

There are a variety of things to consider before you decide to plant shrubs, including when you should plant them, the very best place for them, and if they’re suitable for the soil inside your garden.

In your garden ideas you will see many deciduous or evergreen shrubs to select from which will suit the circumstances inside your front or backyard.


Before you decide to plant any shrubs – evergreen shrubs or else – inside your backyard, make sure that you have the gear needed. There are only a couple of fundamental essentials to possess at hands.

What’s The Ideal Time TO PLANT SHRUBS?

The optimum time to plant shrubs rely on the kind of shrub, and whether it will likely be grown direct in the earth, or in your container gardening ideas.

You may be wanting to establish some plants inside your garden as quickly as possible and select fast growing shrubs because of this. However, should you plant them in the wrong season you’re less inclined to be guaranteed effective results, so follow this informative guide.

DECIDUOUS SHRUBS – individuals that lose their leaves in winter and fall – would be best grown in fall throughout their ‘dormant’ period, when they’re not growing, much like if you’re planting bare root trees.

‘Fall is the greatest time since the soil continues to be sufficiently warm to inspire some root growth before winter. This can help the shrub establish rapidly,’ explain professionals at Crocus.

EVERGREEN SHRUBS – maintain their leaves throughout the year so the optimum time for planting these is within spring, which provides them time for you to establish before winter. Evergreen shrubs, unlike their name, may come in a number of colors, with differing flowering periods, so might be an invaluable accessory for any garden.


A fundamental part of how you can plant shrubs is how to plant them. This relies around the variety you have selected, whether it’s deciduous or evergreen, and also the conditions inside your front or backyard.

Will the shrub just like a sunny position, ‘or is the fact that specific plant a shade or partial shade loving plant?’ explains Fiona Martin from Burncoose Nurseries.

‘It can also be worth thinking about when the place has dry soil or wet soil and also the soil needs for that plant. For example, will they like acidic soils, would they handle a chalk or clay soil?’ she adds.

Some shrubs may prefer fertile, moist and well-drained soil others might thrive in dry soil under trees.

Check carefully the most well-liked contact with sunlight and soil kind of the selected shrub and try to match these inside your garden.