How to plant dahlia tubers – for a glorious floral display

It’s fundamental to understand how to plant dahlia tubers properly if you wish to guarantee an amazing show of flowers.

When finding out how to grow dahlias, you’ll uncover you will find varieties obtainable in a large range of colors and forms – from perfect geometric shapes to flouncy romantic blooms.

You will find dahlia types appropriate for containers and borders, and they’re also probably the most popular choices for growing cut flowers, which makes them an important accessory for a garden ideas.

Simply plant dahlia tubers in the proper time, and provide them the best conditions, and are available summer time you will be rewarded having a glorious display which will last in to the fall.

Prior to the frost takes hold and also the ground freezes over, make certain you are aware how to overwinter dahlias, and they’ll return every year, growing more abundant every time.

Learn to divide plants and you may propagate much more of your preferred dahlia varieties.


‘Dahlias are relatively simple to develop and want merely a couple of essentials: good soil, sufficient water, and a lot of sun,’ states Erin Benzakein, author of Finding Dahlias.

Before deciding how you can plant dahlia tubers, you have to first make certain they’re in good shape, and never showing damage or indications of rot. Tubers should also have the required elements.

‘In to grow and reproduce, a dahlia tuber should have three critical factors: the primary body, which supports the nutrients and required to produce next year’s plant a watch or eyes, that will eventually swell and sprout, becoming the stalks from the new plant along with a sturdy, unbroken neck that connects the 2 other areas. Without these, your tuber won’t grow,’ states Benzakein.

Dahlia tubers are somewhat fragile, so handle all of them with care. If you want to store your tubers before planting, then have them somewhere dark, awesome and dry.


‘You can plant dahlia tubers into the ground early in the year once the ground is warm and there’s little possibility of frost,’ states Pabst. ‘One good guideline would be to plant dahlias simultaneously while you would a tomato.’

In lots of locations, this is April to May. However, individuals in warmer climes may begin the procedure just a little earlier. If you’re experiencing lots of rain, then it’s best to hang about until it has passed.

‘If you would like blooms as soon as possible, you can begin dahlia tubers inside in good light in regards to a month before outside planting time,’ adds Pabst. ‘By beginning early you might have a little plant prepared to transplant early in the year.’

However, don’t hurry to plant your dahlia tubers outdoors. ‘While it might be tempting to begin growing dahlias as quickly as possible, ideally hold back until the floor has heated up and all sorts of frost hazards have passed,’ states Nikitia, who owns Durch City Farm.

‘The ground temperature ought to be a minimum of 60°F (15°C). Look into the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone map to discover the final average frost date for the growing zone