How to plant daffodil bulbs – when, where and how to plant and grow daffodils

By carefully selecting and finding out how to grow daffodils of various varieties, you could have early to late flowering blooms and relish the show from Feb right through to May.

The dwarf varieties look fabulous lining pathways or perhaps in containers, while in the other finish from the scale are giant daffodils using their golden nodding blooms that can produce a big impact in beds and borders.

‘When mixing daffodils, look into the flowering heights to prevent the taller cultivars swamping dwarf cultivars,’ suggests Becky Mealey, RHS horticultural consultant.

Like a bulbous perennial, daffodils will revisit every year and can gradually spread, so choose a place to plant them where you would like them to naturalize. Planting snowdrops and daffodils along with other spring bulbs within the same area can establish wonderful results.


You need to plant daffodil bulbs from early fall. Like several flowering bulbs, if you’re growing daffodils they require a chilly period to build up their roots and prepare for spring.

‘Plant the bulbs when grounds have cooled, in certain climates September as well as for warmer climates in November,’ advise professionals in the The American Daffodil Society.

For any succession of types that flower at different occasions, you can plant a number of bulbs from late August to early November.

‘September to October is the greatest here we are at planting narcissi, as the soil continues to have a little bit of summer time warmth. The flowering occasions are often indicated around the packet or plant profiles,’ recommends Becky Mealey.

If you cannot hold back until spring is nearing to savor these cheery flowers, then you may always learn to pressure bulbs to savor them within the dead of winter, too.


Daffodils are simple and easy , fuss-liberated to grow. Narcissi could be grown in beds and borders, naturalized in grass, grown in containers or planters, and can revisit every year with little attention and care needed.


Scattering bulbs and planting where they fall provides you with an all natural try looking in lawns, meadows, on banks or perhaps in beds. Bold drifts in beds and borders give impact, and clumps under trees having a cascade of blossom confetti look charming. They’re also wonderful for filling gaps between shrubs and plants in herbaceous beds. This really is certainly not really a less is much more flower.

Probably the most details to keep in mind where finding out how to to develop daffodils would be to select a well-drained soil. ‘Drainage is essential,’ agree the American Daffodil Society experts.

All types of narcissus prefer moderately fertile, well-drained slightly acidic soil, with many preferring sunny spots and a few light shade.

They require lots of sunlight to develop, are tough, but hate getting their ft wet so don’t allow them to bathe in water in saturated soils because they will rot. One method to avoid this really is by planting them on the bed of grit, ‘as jetski from them relaxing in water,’ advises Monty Don inside a video for Gardeners’ World.