How to plant climbing roses – for a wonderful display

If you value climbing roses, squeeze much more of them in to the garden by growing climbing varieties. Plant them now, and are available summer time, they’ll clad walls, archways, and pergolas with curtains of flowers that fill the environment with scent.

There’s a multitude of climbing roses to plant – here, we guide you through which climbing roses to plant, where you can plant them and just how. Even though the methods below don’t differ an excessive amount of from planting roses that are not climbers, we all do have expert consultancy about climbing varieties to impart.


If you’re searching for rose garden ideas, take time to pick the climbing rose that ticks all of your boxes. The colour of the blooms varies, obviously, but the same is true the shade of their foliage, their height, health, flower shape, as well as their scent (some don’t smell whatsoever).

Many flower once in summer time, while some blossom non-stop before the frosts. Some have single or semi-double flowers that provide bees use of nectar a couple of are thornless, which makes them well suited for archways along with a select handful will blossom on the north-facing wall.

If you prefer a compact climber, Lady of Shalott is a superb choice, states leading rose expert and worldwide rose-garden designer Michael Marriott, who labored at David Austin Roses for 35 years: ‘It is an excellent variety that may be grown like a short 10ft (3m) climber for any wall or fence. It’s incredibly free flowering, from June until late around. The blooms really are a beautiful shade of wealthy apricot orange and also the scent has hints of spiced apple and cloves.’

In which a more energetic climber is searched for, London-based garden designer Claire Mee decides for ‘Madame Alfred Carrière’: ‘She’s a popular – a repeat flowerer with creamy pink-white-colored flowers, thornless (so great for individuals with youthful children), tolerates a shady north-facing place, beautiful to check out, and smells glorious.’

Other great choices include ‘New Dawn’ (pale-pink), ‘Sombreuil’ (cream), and ‘Climbing Étoile de Hollande’ (crimson-red) are excellent scented climbers that achieve around 15ft (4.5m). Shorter options that manage 10ft (3m) or fewer include Climbing Gertrude Jekyll and Strawberry Hill – two superbly aromatic pink cultivars.

If you like the greater informal habit and flowers of rambling roses, Trevor White’s ‘Francis E. Lester’ is an excellent choice. Getting a vast array of pink and white-colored single blooms that scent the environment and feed bees, adopted by orange fall sides, it’s unequalled.

These climbing roses are the best climbing plants place to your backyard – and therefore are in the world-famous David Austin nurseries.


To find the best in British garden ideas, containerized climbing roses could be grown anytime of the year, as well as the healthiest plants, choose to buy ‘bare root’ between November and March. Bare root climbing roses are less costly and make up a better quality root system. They’re offered without soil, direct from specialist rose nurseries or by catalog shopping, during wintertime. Plant them on the day once the ground isn’t frozen or waterlogged.