How to plan kitchen lighting — create a scheme in sync with your routine

You should start thinking on how to plan kitchen lighting as soon as possible inside your kitchen design process.

Your kitchen may be the ultimate multi-tasking room in your home – an area to organize food, entertain and (nowadays) work at home. The best kitchen lighting layout should permit the kitchen to circulate seamlessly through all these roles.

Good kitchen lighting ideas will offer you different amounts of brightness and then affect the mood and feel from the room. Lighting schemes can produce a space feel bigger or cozier with a mix of well-placed task and mood lighting.

‘Lighting is definitely an very important component of a kitchen’s design,’ explains Daniel Bowler, Director of Eggersmann United kingdom. ‘Yet it’s frequently something which will get left until last. Including it included in the early planning process if you’re redesigning your kitchen area can give an infinitely more effective result.’


When selecting kitchen lighting and planning your layout, begin with task lighting.

‘The first factor to think about is how in the kitchen area must be particularly well lit,’ explains Daniel Bowler. Most working areas, for example countertops and also the oven, will have to be fitted with functional task lighting.

After creating this foundation, consider the way you want your kitchen to appear when you’re not cooking. When planning your ambient lighting consider just how much sun light there’s in the kitchen area and also the mood you need to create. For multi-functional kitchens, it’s worth thinking about dimmer switches to change the brightness.

Finally, add another layer of visual interest for your lighting plan with accent lighting. Accent lighting guides the attention, so consider any regions of your kitchen decor you want to highlight.

Which Kind Of LIGHTING Is The Best For KITCHENS?

Task lighting is a valuable part associated with a kitchen, generally built-into wall cabinets or over working areas. There are numerous variations of task lighting to select from.

Small, compact fluorescent lighting could be tucked in to the recess towards the bottom of the overhead unit.

Brought lighting could be fitted under cabinets or perhaps in drawers, kitchen units along with other kitchen storage solutions. Ceiling mounted lights with directional spots or pendant lights may also act as lengthy because they produce a focused laser beam.