How to paint kitchen cabinets – for an instant color refresh

Learn how to paint cabinets and you’re moving toward an area refresh that promises major change with what’s really minimal disruption.

If you are pleased with much of your kitchen ideas already – for example, design is working and also the cabinets are who is fit – there actually is no have to take away the old kitchen to obtain a change.

Paint, some time and possibly newer and more effective handles delivers everything you’re hankering after.

How You Can PAINT Cabinets

Once you have found your kitchen cabinet ideas you like, our guide will explain all you need to know on how to paint cabinets.

What’s The Proper Way To PAINT Cabinets?

The proper way to paint cabinets would be to prepare throughly first, by washing the cabinets and taking both door and drawer fronts off, adopted by sanding as necessary, priming as needed, then painting – all within the correct order.

Keep in mind that, although this is a do it yourself job which will save on the price to possess cabinets repainted, sufficient hrs should be put aside as taking shortcuts will compromise the outcomes.

Allow here we are at cleaning and preparation, adopted by cleaning again, for the use of any primer and all sorts of jackets of paint as well as for those to dry. Be prepared to take around four to 7 days as a whole for any professional finish.


Regardless of what kitchen cabinet colors you select, it may be easy to paint your cabinets without sanding. Smooth raw wood might be colored without sanding, but keep in mind this doesn’t apply if it is varnished.

For formerly varnished or colored cabinets, a liquid sander/deglosser may be used that will prepare the top to ensure that paint will follow it. Keep in mind that the purpose of this preparation isn’t to strip your cabinet to raw wood, but to help make the surface matte instead of glossy.

An additional alternative if you wish to paint cabinets without sanding is by using a paint especially made to be used without it stage – for example individuals from Rust-Oleum, Annie Sloan Chalk Paint or DecoArt Satin Enamels Paint, for instance.

It’s also easy to use connecting primer that enables paint to stick to potentially hard to paint surfaces. It’s important to look into the tin to guarantee the paint you utilize works with the primer.