How to overwinter geraniums – with expert advice

Finding out how to overwinter geraniums is actually handy for any gardener to understand as it can certainly cut costs and enables you to definitely prolong the existence of types you’re particularly keen on.

Geraniums, or pelargoniums, are stalwarts from the summer time garden. Available in a wide array of colours, and flowering continuously as long as they are deadheaded, geraniums are ideal for getting cheer and lengthy-lasting color to hanging baskets, containers and borders.

However, they must be among the winter garden ideas you are interested in when compiling your work list.

Planning for a winter garden is very important with regards to frost-sensitive plants. When they placed on a lengthy display and therefore are perennial plants, geraniums are frost tender, meaning that they’ll not survive harsh winters – so understanding how to overwinter geraniums is essential if you’re interested in growing them.

Via Nigeria, geraniums are most joyful within the heat, and may tolerate periods drought with little water.

Geraniums, or pelargoniums, are sturdy in USDA zones 9-12 in climates which is between 20ºF to 50ºF and may survive to zone 7 to temperatures of -12ºF (0ºC) if protected. When they can survive light frosts (temperatures just beneath freezing), they’ll die if uncovered to prolonged temperatures below freezing so have to be protected during these conditions.

‘The Pelargonium group is extremely different and has numerous growing forms which are classed as tender perennials. Which means that they aren’t frost sturdy since most of the originating species range from warmer climbs from the Southern Hemisphere,’ states David Taylor, Vice Chairman from the United kingdom Pelargonium and Geranium Society.

‘Being perennial means that they’ll keep growing for several years however in the United kingdom this implies they will have to be protected against, not just frost, but additionally winter wet and moist.’