How to organize kitchen drawers – 5 ways to keep cooking essentials orderly

Organizing kitchen drawers is becoming more critical because the noticeable shift towards using drawers for storage instead of the classical cupboards within the last couple of years, with everything else from crockery to containers and pans now being housed inside them.

Included in this, organizing a kitchen area in order that it functions seamlessly is essential to the sanity and it is appearance inside a busy home.

‘Kitchen drawers are crucial when planning kitchen storage ideas, particularly a little kitchen, because they frequently offer maximum utilization of space,’ explains Tom Howley, design director at Tom Howley. ‘They could be tailored for your exact specifications, allowing quick access to kitchen essentials instead of delving into the rear of bulging kitchen cupboards.’

1. THINK Outdoors Your Cabinet

Organizing cabinets may well be a chore you are dealing with simultaneously while you organize kitchen drawers, however they need another approach.

‘Cupboards could be the traditional go-to storage option, but it’s worth considering that a lot of products store better inside a drawer,’ states George Forsyth, director at Came Forsyth & Co.

Professional organizer Lucy Mansey, dubbed ‘the Marie Kondo of Britain’ by her celebrity clients concurs: ‘There is an array of practical storage solutions available for drawers, so giving proper considered to what you’re storing is a vital step if you prefer a well-organized kitchen. Start organizing drawers if you take everything out and lounging it on the surface – that method for you to see precisely what you have and begin to sort out which storage systems might meet your needs.A


Next, consider whether you have been making room for stuff you barely use (holiday and special day products aside) and discard them. Non-food products can turn to a charitable organization, if another person may find a use for this, which provides you with extra room, handy if you are using a small kitchen.

As the drawers are empty, provide them with a fast clean – it isn’t frequently they’ll be obvious, so it’s worth taking advantage of it.


Consider the way you make use of your kitchen and position drawers accordingly where one can. Pans and utensil drawers stored near the range or oven top, glasses drawers in the kitchen area island, for instance. If you want to entertain, organize drawers with chinaware close to a obvious countertop for plating up, and utensils and glasses in drawers from the primary kitchen area. This way, servers and chefs could work together in perfect harmony.

‘When you’ve everything grouped and allotted to drawers, after that you can assess what products you utilize most and prioritize use of them’, states Stephanie Nix, kitchen designer at Neptune.

Juliette Thomas, Founder & Director of Juliettes Interiors concurs ‘A good guideline would be to keep greater drawers for products used most minimizing drawers for products not too frequently used,’ she states. It might seem simple, however this can produce a massive difference with regards to making use of your kitchen functionally.


A large drawer will probably permit you to store all of your containers and pans in a single readily accessible space, that is much simpler than rummaging around at the rear of a cupboard – especially if you’re with them every single day.

‘Graduated drawer units such as the ones within our Suffolk collection provide you with the choice to nicely store covers within the shallower drawers at the very top and much deeper containers towards the bottom,’ states Stephanie.

Stacking containers and pans can lead to scratching, in addition to rattling whenever you open and shut the drawer. Installing an interior pan rack to arrange kitchen drawers nicely can solve the issue, permitting quick access and area surrounding the items. Select from vertical and horizontal designs, or else you confer with your kitchen designer about bespoke options.

Should you choose choose to stack, purchase pan protectors and line the foot of the drawer to avoid scratches.


Stack dinnerware by type for ready access, and bear weight in your mind. Many of the important when organizing formal dishware, where no more than 12 dinner plates is a great guideline. Lighter dishes will go greater. Purchase appropriate dividers and buffers to help keep the bathroom from sliding and chipping when you are frequent lowering and raising the drawer.

Lining chinaware drawers having a pegboard is really a clever hack – you can just adjust the dowels to nicely separate your dinnerware sets, think plates from bowls, and so forth.