How to organize deep pantry shelves – 5 ways to keep your space ordered

Understanding how to arrange deep kitchen shelves efficiently creates a massive difference for your kitchen. One factor deep kitchen shelves don’t lack is space – they are able to house a great deal of ‘stuff’. Although this is great when it comes to storage, it will mean they are able to easily descend right into a drop zone for kitchen clutter otherwise organized correctly.

When organizing a kitchen, deep kitchen shelves require some extra planning. Packing them full may go through just like a use of space but trust us whenever we say going for a minimal approach is the easiest method to maximize their effectiveness.

Getting a competent food storage system in position on kitchen shelving features its own group of benefits – relaxed cooking and fewer food waste, to begin with – while quick access with other staples (food processors, platters, cake stands, linens, etc) should create a smoother-running kitchen overall.

1. Create A PLAN

‘When organizing deep kitchen shelves, decluttering is the greatest starting point. Undergo every tin, packet, jar and bottle and eliminate anything past its sell-by date or that you will won’t use whatsoever (making certain you recycle what you could). Perform the same for kitchen products, too. This way you’re only playing what you ought to put back, and you may begin to assign locations.

‘I recommend using sticky notes to rapidly jot lower in which you think things might go before you decide to really replace them, it allows you to have an overall holistic look at your storage situation’, states Louise Hoerzen, design editor at Havenly.


‘If you are able to upgrade to mounted drawers inside deep kitchen shelving, it is a game changer’, states Betsy Moyer, founding father of The Estate of products. ’You’ll see a lot more of the items you store. And everyone knows the important thing to achieve correctly with your kitchen storage is visibility.’

Or use baskets, bins and transparent containers – this performs exactly the same work as organizing kitchen drawers, and they’ve additional advantage of having the ability to drag out, particularly helpful for greater up shelving.

After that you can set them lower on the counter and also have a proper rifle through – basically a removable drawer,’ states Ann Lightfoot, co-founding father of Done & Done Home. They’re well suited for grouping smaller sized like-products that will otherwise go missing at the rear of a cupboard.

When organizing kitchen drawers, particularly deep ones, use dividers or bespoke inserts to help keep everything nicely categorized.

Kitchen door ideas, such as the one above, can complement deep kitchen shelves, enabling you to store smaller sized products efficiently.


Deep kitchen shelves are perfect for storing significant products of cookware, appliances or large bags of overfill foods, because the space between bottom and top enables cooks to achieve inside easily and access heavier products, reducing the chance of potential accidents.

‘If it’s heavy, store it low, states Richard Davonport, md at Davonport. ‘It sounds simple, however, you really shouldn’t be being able to access heavy products overhead.’

When deciding precisely what goes where, assign the most heavy products to shelves which are reachable without stretching up or bending lower – much like the way you would when organizing cabinets.

4. AND STORE Rarely-USED Products At Any Height

Greater up deep kitchen shelving ought to be restricted to individuals products which are rarely used – think cocktail straws for parties, cookie cutters for Christmas, and so forth.

Avoid putting delicate products for example glass jars or appliances on high shelves to prevent any unnecessary breakages.


Deep kitchen shelves offer lots of space, but they should be organized correctly to make the very best of it. From wire-racks and bins to carousels and risers, investing kitchen organizers could make a big difference. Consider exactly what you would like to keep in stock and which may most help you.

‘Tinned food can be put on the shelf towards the back atop risers to let you see that which you have without digging through several layers of cans, and obvious containers stacked underneath are actually useful to simply place the thing you need without rummaging’, states Stephanie Nixon, kitchen designer at Neptune.