How to make a small bathroom look bigger — clever tricks to stretch your space

If you’re wondering making just a little bathroom look bigger, there are many clever design methods you need to use.

Many of us need to make our small bathrooms look bigger. Within the finish, bathrooms are often the littlest rooms in your home. Nevertheless it’s vital they functions well and, because we trip to unwind, we wish those to look good, too.

So, it’s worth learning key home design tips and techniques. Whether with decor, with mirrors or possibly layout, you’ll be able to instantly make your space feel bigger and.


Below, we show you through all the methods will produce a small bathroom look bigger. We’d advise with your bathroom ideas in spacious areas, too, to really increase the size.

Warning – there are many techniques for using mirrors, and you also do not need to limit yourself to just one. But know about the views you are reflecting not everyone wants to look at themselves inside the bath or shower or… you understand where.

1. Develop An Incredible LAYOUT

Just a little bathroom is simply much like its layout, so give the bathroom layout ideas you’re toying with many different attention first, and discover everything you might use a few clever methods, for instance individuals above inside the bathroom produced by London based interior designer Louise Bradley.

Whatever the small footprint, the tall, mirrored cabinet round the left is a good small bathroom storage idea because it packs in a number of space for tidying away bathroom products. The wall-to-wall vanity counter enables for just about any full-length bath, while offering family-sized storage, too.


Materials you decide on for that plan are very important to how light or dark the rest room will feel.

This stunning bathroom produced by Alison Henry Design Studio has the additional bonus of the large skylight, however that aside, any light bathroom tile ideas will instantly brighten a place as James Lentaigne, Creative Director at Drummonds explains:

‘Glamorous and reflective materials for instance marble, glass, mirror and metallic finishes instantly scream luxury and make a wow aspect in the rest room. There is also the extra advantage of brightening the region by bouncing light across the room.’


We love to a wall of mirrors just like a design feature, however a tall and/or wide single piece will still execute a fabulous job, specifically if the frame is mirrored too.

A dark presented design will draw the interest for the mirror. In this particular situation you don’t want that to happen – the end result is to make a seamless feel.

Double aftereffect from the fake size with clever bathroom wall ideas, just like this bathroom by Maestri Studio, by hanging light-reflecting tiles behind the mirror, adding wall lights both sides, by selecting fitted furniture that meets the wall and floor colors.


Decorating with mirrors is important to create a little bathroom look bigger.

‘We choose to use full-sized mirrors running from permanent, or from floor to ceiling,’ states worldwide interior designer Ina Rinderknecht in the bathroom above.

‘Using large mirrors within the vanity can produce a high effect by filling the region and creating an optical illusion having its glare. But make sure that likely to sufficient background to get reflected inside the mirror.

‘You might also make use of a decorative pendant light before one, because by putting an origin of light near the mirror, it’ll reflect light in to the room. This intensifies the overall brightness from the space, that makes it feel more spacious.’

If you don’t mind catching your reflection although you’re travelling a bath room – admittedly it is not for everyone – then installing a wall of mirrored tiles will double how large your house and reflect light back instantly, just like the rest room below.

It’s an awesome lighten a bath room. Choose antique style mirrors for just about any distressed look rather of the apparent ‘mirror’ type mirror. It’ll boost the charm for the space.


Whatever how large a bath room, wall-hung units – or failing that, units that ascend to slim legs – would be the most helpful option for faking size, as possible easily see beneath them, towards the perimeters in the room.

Wondering items to avoid if you want to make your bathrooms feel bigger? A wall of fitted furniture. Every time they visit the floor area, and so the entire space, look smaller sized sized.

Either in situation, pick a design that’s the identical color because the walls for just about any cohesive look, and consider wall-mounted taps, that allow for slimline basins plus much more space on the top of these for lavatory paraphernalia.