How to lay bathroom floor tiles and achieve a truly professional finish

Skillfully developed have shared their top easy methods to lay bathroom flooring that may help you get a professional finish.

Tiles will be your bathrooms staple due to their functionality. With plenty of design options, tiles are actually versatile. A completely new number of tiles could make from your efficient Scandinavian aesthetic to have an authentic plus much more intricate Victorian style floor.

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are the most used bathroom floor ideas. Both materials are beginner-friendly tiles that are really simple to cut and lay if you are not used to DIY – and there are many bathroom suggestions to buy trouble into.

The First Step – PREPARE The Floor

Before lounging any tiles, you need to prepare the floor. If you are tiling a sum concrete floor you can start lounging your tiles immediately. However, for a lot of other floor types, you’ll have to create a subfloor.

Second Step – Exercise The Start POINT

Start by calculating the width in the room and marking the middle point getting a pencil. Take this marker just like a beginning point and lay tiles toward the medial side wall, inserting spacers among each tile on the way.

Once aligned mark the career from the last full tile on the floor in pencil. Look at the distance using this line for the centerpiece you marked earlier. Take this distance and from further lower the region, starting in the middle line make another mark.

If you are utilizing a plywood subfloor, connect the reason getting a timber batten screwed for the floor. Getting a concrete floor you can easily connect these with a pencil line.

Repeat the above mentioned pointed out for your width in the room. You need to be playing two fitting lines. Inside the corner where the lines or timber battens meet would be to start tiling.


You know how you have to make your flooring within your mind. However, it is now time to check on it until you are focused on the appearance. Make time to lay them out and select if you are happy with the look. This can be easiest associated with small bathroom flooring.

Fourth Step – LAY The Whole TILES

At the start point, spread the prepared adhesive employing a notched spreader to cover about 1 meter squared in the floor. Press the tile in position employing a small twisting motion to secure. Squeeze second tile with space between. Insert a spacer one of the tiles to help keep the area.

Check at regular occasions the tiles are level employing a spirit level. Wipe any excess adhesive in the tiles employing a moist cloth, and scoop out any excess within the grout lines. Once the adhesive is completely dry, get rid of the timber battens if using.

Fifth Step – CUT All Of Those Other TILES TO SIZE

Some tiles must be cut to pay for throughout the ground. Look at the space among each tile as well as the wall and consider a 5mm spacer. Walls aren’t always straight, so you should measure each gap rather of utilize one just like a guide.

Draw a cutting line round the tile, and score it a couple of occasions employing a metal ruler and tile scriber. Convey a pencil beneath the line, and press lower firmly round the tile to split up it.

You need to follow this method when tiling around obstacles just like a toilet. For precision create a stencil in paper to utilize when making the cutting tile. Utilize a tile scriber and tile nippers to reduce away the undesirable bit of tile, and smooth the benefit with fine sandpaper.

Lay the cut tiles very similar since the full tiles.