How to keep a Christmas tree alive – with tips from Monty Don

Wondering how you can have a Christmas tree alive (or at best eco-friendly) before the special day?

It’s a conundrum that plagues every festive decor enthusiast who loves to set up a genuine tree every time they can. The sooner you receive your tree, the greater time you’re able to take pleasure in its glow – however the harder you’ll have to try to ensure that it stays searching fresh until December 25.

A proper, happy tree may be the foundation of best wishes Christmas tree ideas, so it’s vital that you show it some TLC within the holidays.


For those who have purchased a cut tree, then we’re afraid your tree has already been effectively dead or dying, and also the best you should do is to operate to help keep it searching as fresh as you possibly can, as lengthy as you possibly can.

You are able to, however, choose a grown tree inside a pot which will remain alive and growing throughout the festive season. This really is great if sustainability is definitely an more and more key Christmas tree theme for you personally, because it means you may also keep the tree for the coming year and years next.

‘Do acquire one with roots if at all possible, even if you’re not planning to plant it,’ states Don, writing on his blog. This can be a guaranteed method to guarantee individuals needles will remain firmly around the tree. You may also replant it within the garden after.

‘Pot it into as large a container as you’ve and fill this with sharps and/or compost. Sand is perfectly great for the couple of days it will likely be inside. Water it and the sand moist,’ he adds.

How Can You Have A CHRISTMAS TREE FROM Becoming Dry?

Both grown and cut trees are at risk of becoming dry – and also the impact on the second is fairly disastrous. Before you consider how you can decorate a Christmas tree, the very first factor you could do is to put it within the coolest area of the house you’ll find.

‘Never put your Christmas tree with a radiator,’ warns Don. While a comfy warm room might attract us, a tree will respond by immediately shedding its needles.

‘All these evergreen firs have adapted to handle cold winter months and can respond to heating heat by shedding their leaves to be able to conserve moisture,’ explains Don.

Exactly What Do You Devote A Genuine CHRISTMAS TREE To Help Keep IT ALIVE?

The next phase to keep a Christmas tree searching lush is making certain it’s well-hydrated, particularly if you possess a cut tree. In addition to preventing needle-shedding, healthy branches leaving creates a Christmas tree look larger too.

‘Buy a tree holder for any cut stump having a reservoir and it capped track of water,’ advises Don. ‘Treat it just like a cut flower. This can do above all else to prevent it shedding its needles.’

What’s The BEST Kind Of CHRISTMAS TREE To Purchase?

If you are skipping around the alternative Christmas tree ideas this season and wish something atmospherically traditional, you cannot improve than the usual real tree.

The initial step for you to get the most from a genuine Christmas tree is choosing the right variety. Don explains the Norwegian Brighten, The Nordmann Fir or even the Colorado Brighten are great options.

‘All three are extremely good, have specific benefits and may last for a lengthy Christmas season if cared for correctly. The 3 may also grow in many gardens if they’re bought with healthy roots and grown carefully as quickly as possible after Christmas,’ he states. However, Monty’s particular favourite is Colorado or Blue Brighten, or even the Picea pungens.

‘Although it comes down in the southern states, it arises from a higher altitude, same with very sturdy and grows right into a tall, very straight, rather beautiful tree, with glaucous blue needles the color of cardoon or artichoke leaves,’ Don states.

Plus, our prime mountainous conditions provide the tree a stiff habit which makes it much more appealing to Don. ‘If you need to do plant one out of your garden, it’ll grow much more powerful if given maximum sunlight,’ he adds.