How to install a backsplash – top tips from the experts

If you’re wondering how you can use a backsplash yourself, you’ve come right place. Installing a kitchen area backsplash is an easy and quick method to update and totally transform the appear and feel of the space.

Whether you’re searching to produce a harmonious addition, a vibrant accent or perhaps a design-brought statement, backsplash tiles really are a stylish, hygienic and sturdy solution which add color, pattern and texture towards the space.

If you’re searching for kitchen ideas, tiles would be the least disruptive method to change your kitchen backsplash more than a complete renovation. A brand new backsplash is one thing that may be set up in a weekend, but gives your kitchen area many years of brand new existence.


Kevin Lamming, Project Consultant at Artisans of Devizes, states installing backsplash suggestions for kitchens is comparatively straightforward, but you have to be prepared using the correct materials.

You’ll need:



A notched trowel for using the adhesive

Tile spacers

A pencil

A spirit level for straight lines

A clear moist cloth


A plastic trowel for using the grout

With respect to the wall or surface, you may even need sandpaper, filler and primer.


Kamila Chalfin, marketing and brand manager at Tile Giant, states: ‘This is performed to make sure that as numerous full tiles are laid as you possibly can, with minimum cutting and waste of tiles.

‘To do that, begin by marking the middle of the wall making use of your calculating tape and pencil. Utilizing a vertical spirit level from this mark, create a line lower the middle of your wall. This is when you’ll start your tiling from.

‘From this line, you are able to exercise the easiest method to lay your tiles and the number of you’ll need consecutively.

‘Hold a tile within the center line you have just attracted. Hold another tile alongside this tile having a small space for grout. Do this again before you achieve the finish of the wall and count the amount of tiles along the way.

‘When you’re able to the advantage from the wall, the cut tile you finish track of ought to be the same that’s needed in the other finish from the wall.’

3. SEAL The Top

‘If you’re tiling onto fresh plasterboard, make certain it’s sealed having a primer following a manufacturer’s instructions,’ advises Damla Turgut, founding father of Otto Tiles & Design

4. Neat And FILL

When the wall already has a few jackets of paint, this can behave as a primer.

‘Make sure the wall surface is clean of dust and loose debris,’ states Damla. ‘Fill in almost any cracks or holes and sand back to have an even surface.’


Damla states: ‘Apply a higher-quality adhesive towards the wall beginning at the end, nearest for your work surface. Make certain you set an ample as well as layer of adhesive utilizing a notched trowel.’