How to grow zinnias – plant, care and maintenance tips

Any gardener should learn to grow zinnias, because they are among the quickest and easiest summer time flowers to develop, in addition to being colorful, dazzling, versatile, drought tolerant, ideal cut flowers – to mention however a couple of of the attributes.

Carefully associated with the sunflower and area of the daisy family, Zinnia elegans are half-sturdy annual flowering plants, indigenous to the Southwestern states and Mexico.

Not just are zinnias a strong favorite within our garden ideas, but single-flowered varieties will also be preferred among wildlife including bees, butterflies and ladybirds. There’s also semi-double, double and rounded pompom and cactus shapes to uncover, with compact and tall varieties.

How You Can GROW ZINNIAS For Novices

With regards to advice regarding how to grow zinnias, author and garden expert Melinda Myers recommends ‘full sun and well-drained soil. Once established they’re drought tolerant which makes them a great option for containers and busy gardeners.’

If you are wondering how you can plant a garden with zinnias, there are a variety of options: you are able to sow seeds direct outdoors sow seeds into modules or seed trays or buy plug plants to plant out.

However, there are several key rules to follow along with to be able to produce effective blooms. Zinnias dislike being transplanted or getting their roots disturbed so ought to be sown in the earth where you would like them to develop.

‘Zinnias can’t stand root disturbance or cold nights, so direct sow the seeds once the nights are sufficiently warm to sit down outdoors at night,’ states expert plantswoman Sarah Raven. The timing with this will differ based on if you reside in a cooler or warmer region – about late May early June in cooler climates.

What’s The Easiest Method To GROW ZINNIAS?

If you opt to direct sow zinnia seeds in to the ground outdoors, ‘simply direct sow the seeds inside a sunny place following the last frost. Give a couple inches of mulch or compost and a little bit of fertilizer,’ advises Kristin Winterbottom from Parkseed.

Probably the most common errors when growing zinnias is planting them as well early. Zinnias will not survive any frost, so only sow your seeds once all chance of frost has ended and also the cooler nights have passed.

The greater the soil, the taller zinnias will grow, plus they like some space to spread. Prepare your bed by raking over, look into the seed packet for spacing after which cover having a thin layer of soil. Because the seedlings grow, thin them out carefully close to 15in (40cm) apart.

‘Keep the soil moist by watering at the bottom of the plants. Cut blooms frequently for plans or just pinch off spent blooms,’ adds Kristin.

Stake taller varieties with canes or twig supports which way they’ll also flower better.

Alternatively you are able to sow zinnias into modules or seed trays, so there’s no pricking out, and plant out when still small with simply some or more of true leaves. This way you minimize root handling,’ recommends Sarah Raven.

If you are wondering ‘should I soak zinnia seeds before planting?’ then the reply is yes. Soaking your seeds will raise the speed of propagation. However, you have to be careful to not leave the seed in water for too lengthy because the seed will begin to rot. Soak your seed for between 8-12 hrs.

The simplest way to develop zinnias, or maybe you are short promptly, could be to purchase them as plug plants, and also be in individual containers before planting out.