How to grow peonies

Understanding how to develop peonies ought to be high among the list of priorities for just about any gardener, as the good thing about these lengthy standing preferred by the flower border is nearly unparalleled.

The flush of voluptuous peonies every year might be short but they’re long awaited for his or her impressive, dinner-plate sized blooms, and lots of possess a lovely scent.

Couple of other plants have such large blooms, with a variety of colors from pure white-colored, through yellow to barrier, pink and deep crimson, and a range of single, semi-double and double forms.

Every year, peonies will die lower in the winter months before emerging in spring using their crimson flushed foliage, appearing to develop before your vision after which deliver a watch-catching exquisite display. So that they are certainly a flower to include in to the mixture of a garden ideas.


You will find three kinds of peonies, or paeonia: herbaceous, intersectional and tree.

When growing peonies, when you purchase early, mid and late flowering plants, you’ll have a six-week flowering season, mid-May through June.

Herbaceous peony: These classic and timeless perennials make the large blooms we have seen in borders and beds and also the plants possess a bushy, compact shape, which die back every winter.

Tree peonies: Are shrubby, achieve a height close to 1.2m, and therefore are the only real ones that do not die lower in the finish of year. They blossom from early April to late May.

Intersectional peonies: The rarer, more costly intersectional peonies really are a mix between tree and herbaceous and generally have intense color with lengthy-lasting blooms, in most cases finely cut foliage.

The most popular herbaceous peonies are a good choice when you plan a cut flower garden his or her stunning flowers will reappear every year.

Peonies can be found as bare-root plants, usually 2 yrs old that won’t flower the very first year.

You might, however, choose to buy a recognised mature containerized peony plant, a minimum of 5 years old, prepared to flower within the newbie.


Peonies are simple to grow, low maintenance, very sturdy and provide decades of charm, with a few producing blooms for a century.

Whenever you grow peonies the very first time, it might take as much as 4 years of persistence before you decide to visit your first blossom, however their robust durability and easy care make sure they are very useful inclusions in a garden design.

There are lots of myths about growing peonies – but mostly they’re unsubstantiated and when you follow some simple rules and be mindful with growing peonies you will then be rewarded using their stunning blooms, every year.

‘If peonies receive fertile soil, sufficient sunlight, and good air flow, both are simple to grow and very lengthy-resided,’ explain professionals at American Meadows.