How to grow pampas grass

Uncover how you can grow pampas grass and you may add this superbly architectural, ethereal plant for you borders to produce dramatic impact. Pampas grass was hugely famous the 1970s, and grew to become something of the garden cliché, but happily, this most breathtaking of grasses is creating a comeback and it is an on-trend plant for backyards now.

Why grow pampas grass? This drought-tolerant, disease-resistant, fast-growing perennial grass has fabulous, feather-formed flowers in the finish of lengthy stems making it the right focus – or you are increasing ornamental grasses inside your garden, it’ll make an excellent addition.

‘Pampas has were able to mess up its suburban image and reinvent itself because the ornamental grass of the day. Its recognition continues to be building for some time now which transformation means these feathery plumes are formally getting a minute. It’s very easy to leap around the trend and add someone to a garden, either snapping up a plant in the nursery or online,’ states garden expert Sarah Wilson. ‘Alternatively try growing one from seed inside as now (Feb to April) it’s time to get it done. They’re simple to grow and very quickly you will be picking your personal to dry.’

A thing of warning: pampas grass self-seeds, can develop to 10ft very rapidly, as well as in some states, it’s considered invasive and banned once in, the self-seeding means it’s also very hard to eliminate – so be cautious – and appearance local laws and regulations – before planting it. Below, our expert offer advice regarding how to grow pampas grass effectively, including controlling growth and safe planting.


Growing pampas grass is rather easy, but there are lots of factors to make sure it is a effective accessory for a garden. The optimum time to plant pampas grass comes from spring right through to mid-June, to permit youthful plants to determine before winter.