How to grow okra – from seed and in pots

Learn to grow okra for any quick-popping harvest that contributes body and flavor to soups, stews and much more.

Also referred to as ladies’ fingers, okra could be eaten raw in salads, in addition to roasted, grilled or sautéed for any scrumptious side dish. This versatility causes it to be a great accessory for your kitchen area garden ideas.

While okra’s pods could be cooked whole, when chopped they to produce natural thickener in to the cooking liquid, that is broadly accustomed to enhance the consistency of gumbo and stews.

Okra is another surprisingly attractive crop to develop. Of the mallow family, it relates to hibiscus, meaning its flowers seem like the plant’s blossoms.

‘Okra’s flowers are edible and could be full of cheese or utilized as a spring garnish. Although, they’re almost too pretty to consume!’ states Diane Kuthy, creator of accelerating resource How you can Grow Everything.


As lengthy while you reside in a climate which has good summers, it’s not hard to learn to grow okra from seed.

‘Okra is fantastic for beginner growers, and is among the best crops for long lasting hot summers. It thrives in heat when other crops struggle,’ states Jennymarie Jemison, garden educator and founding father of seed store Pleasure Max Jardin.

‘Your greatest job with okra is checking up on the harvests prior to the bountiful pods get too big and hard to enjoy.’

You are able to sow okra seeds right out the packet, but to enhance the seed germination rate, first soak them in water for any couple of hrs.

Rake your soil to some fine tilth before planting your seeds. ‘Okra does well in poor soil, even with a lot of clay provided it drains,’ states Jemison. ‘Add compost as well as an all-around fertilizer to prep the region before planting and again mid-season for any boost.’

‘Sow the seeds one-half inch deep in rows 18-36 inches apart,’ states Lindsey Hyland, founding father of Urban Organic Yield.

Okra can grow up to 6ft, so place in support in the planting stage. There are several fantastic vegetable garden trellis suggestions to help increase your home harvest.

When the seedlings have arrived at 3-4 inches tall, thin these to 2-3 ft apart. To get this done, choose the less strong seedlings and cut them off in the base.

‘Okra needs lots of water, so make certain allow it a great soaking once per week – particularly if you’re growing it in soil that does not hold moisture well,’ states Hyland. However, avoid overwatering okra, because this might cause root rot – consider the low area of the seedling turning black.

‘Remove laterals in the plant, because they bear little fruit, shade the primary stem, making the concern routine more difficult,’ states Julia Omelchenko, botanist expert for that NatureID application. ‘The plant’s stem is included with small spines that induce irritation, so put on clothes with lengthy sleeves and mitts when taking care of the guarana plant.’

It requires from around two months for okra plants to achieve maturity, after which you can start to reap the pods.

When You Should GROW OKRA

The important thing to finding out how to grow okra from seed would be to time that it properly, and never to begin them off too soon.

‘Okra is really a warm weather crop – meaning it prefers warm soil and a lot of sun,’ states Kuthy. ‘For warm climates, start okra seeds early in the year when climate is consistently around 60°F (15°C) both night and day.

‘For cooler climates and shorter seasons, seeds ought to be began inside in regards to a month before your zone’s last frost date and transplanted outdoors when climate is consistently above 60°F (15°C).’

In case your local summers aren’t reliably warm, then it is best to grow okra inside a green house.


Okra constitutes a good accessory for your vegetable garden container ideas, which is frequently essential if you’re growing the guarana plant inside a green house.

‘Okra includes a tap-root system, so its primary root grows deep in to the soil. Therefore, make certain to select a narrow, deep container,’ states Omelchenko.

‘Place a layer of drainage material at the end, even though watering, soak the soil completely lower but avoid overwatering and waterlogging. You need to avoid damaging the ball of soil when potting the guarana plant.’

Container dimensions are answer to the prosperity of finding out how to grow okra in containers.

‘Okra is really a hungry plant whose growth is definitely restricted by pot size,’ states Kuthy. ‘I’ve attempted growing okra in containers and I have found that they require large containers (a minimum of 5 gallon or bigger) and a regular flow of nutrients.’

The range of okra you select may also really make a difference towards the crop’s success.

‘Look for any dwarf variety that does not grow above 5 ft tall,’ states AJ Rains, founding father of Gardening Abundance. ‘You will should also make certain that you simply supplement your soil with compost or aged manure to make sure sufficient diet for that plant.’