How to grow forced rhubarb – easy steps to crop pieplant early

Though treated like a fruit and utilized in puddings and baked goods – hence its other name of ‘pieplant’ – rhubarb is really a vegetable with edible stalks. It thrives in cold weather and it is a popular in Alaska, where it may grow to 5 ft or even more.

However, you can grow rhubarb from Maine to Or though away from the southern states, where it wilts within the hot temperatures. It is a popular crop for desserts within the United kingdom and across Europe, too.


Rhubarb that’s specifically turned out to be harvested early is called forced rhubarb, using its season from late December towards the finish of March. With pretty pink stalks, along with a delicate flavor and texture, it is also termed as ‘champagne rhubarb’ and is the crème en crème from the rhubarb crop.

Within the United kingdom, forced rhubarb from Yorkshire’s ‘Rhubarb Triangle’ is famous because of its sweetness and flavor – the nine square mile area once created 90 percent from the world’s winter forced rhubarb.

The vegetation is grown outdoors for 2 years, to bolster their roots, then introduced into heated forcing sheds and grown at nighttime. The crop grows rapidly within the warm atmosphere, the stems extending upwards because they look for light.

How You Can Pressure RHUBARB

You are able to pressure rhubarb in your backyard or kitchen garden by since the crown from the plant having a pot to avoid light reaching it, then banking straw around to produce warmth.

Varieties for example Victoria and Timperley Early suit an earlier forced start.