How to grow cress – indoors or in the garden

Learn to grow cress, and you’ll possess a constant way to obtain healthy, tasty vegetables to increase salads and sandwiches.

Because it grows so rapidly, cress is frequently considered a perfect crop for kids, yet its punchy peppery flavor is more prone to be appreciated by adults. It’s the perfect first crop for novices to increase their kitchen garden ideas, and can sow the seeds of pleasure for home growing.

Cress comes complete with nutrients, particularly Vitamins A, C and K, which is perfectly preserved whenever you work fresh.

It’s also highly space efficient, so the tiniest of homes can hold a tray of cress. ‘It’s the right size to develop around the windowsill,’ states Take advantage of Cruz, product manager at Thompson & Morgan.

How You Can GROW CRESS Inside

First of all, select a appropriate container to develop your cress in. ‘You can use a plastic container with moist paper towel, or perhaps make use of an old cup full of moist cotton made of woll,’ states Cruz. Keep in mind, cress usually grows better in soil, so consider clogging your gutters tray having a light layer of compost. Alternatively, use a growing pad or felt.

‘Sprinkle cress seeds over the top of pot,’ states Chris Bonnett, who owns Gardening Express. Never be enticed to sow the seeds too densely, or even the seedlings is going to be competing for space – stick to an easy sprinkle.

It’s essential that the growing medium doesn’t dry up, to keep your moisture in cover the pot having a lid or plastic wrap. Whether it needs watering, make use of a spray.

Put your cress on the vibrant, warm windowsill.

Cress seeds have a tendency to germinate in around 24 hrs, and also the seedlings will quickly anticipate to eat. ‘You is going to be harvesting within 5-seven days,’ states Bonnett.

To reap cress, simply hold back until the cress reaches least 1 ” (2.5cm) tall, and snip them back with scissors.


Should you prefer bigger, old plants, you will have to learn to grow cress in soil. You are able to sow the seeds in the earth, or include them inside your vegetable garden container ideas.

Kinds Of CRESS

There are many kinds of cress you are able to grow, so test out different seeds and find out which flavor you want best.

Common plain or curled cress grow perfectly inside, along with mustard cress.

‘If you need to try a different sort of cress, try finding out how to grow cress outdoors,’ states Cruz. ‘Watercress, American land cress (that is like watercress, but simpler to develop inside a veg patch), or Greek cress could be grown outdoors in containers or on view and therefore are great put into salads.’


Usually when harvesting cress, you chop them near to the soil line. However if you simply leave one-half inch around the seedlings whenever you cut them, you might discover that the cress regrows.

If growing cress on the paper towel, however, it’ll have no soil to attract nutrients from, so you’ll have better success beginning anew.

If you possess the space, there’s absolutely nothing to be lost by experimenting. If all fails, it is only going to have a couple of days to develop a brand new new crop.