How to grow clematis

Clematis produce a good amount of color and scent. There’s a different sort of clematis for each month of the season – and most of them could be grown now.

If you value clematis – and, we do not blame you, they are the best climbing plants place to your backyard – grow a number of species to savor their blossom one year of the season.

Below, we let you know which varieties to select for color, scented and coverage, where and when to plant them – and the way to take care of clematis.


There are plenty of various kinds of clematis vines and based upon the species and cultivar, they are able to offer blooms beginning early in the year and span into early fall,’ enthuses Maryland-based landscape architect and designer Kirsten Coffen.

Clematis are among the very best climbing plants with flowers place to your borders – and there’s an array of varieties to select from.

Starting off the show would be the spring-flowering forms: C. alpina and C. macropetala good cultivars include powder-blue ‘Wesselton’ and ‘Frances Rivis’. And are available May, the sublime scents of C. montana and C. armandi, start to perfume the environment.

Early summer time sets happens for that well-known big-flowered clematis, for example pink and white-colored striped ‘Nelly Moser’ then, in This summer, trustworthy C. viticella forms (for example ‘Madame Julia Correvon’) start to blossom, just like aromatic stars C. x triternata ‘Rubromarginata’ and C. rehderiana.

Fall is brightened through the sun-yellow bells of C. tangutica, and, because the year draws to some close, the white-colored or maroon flowers of C. cirrhosa start to open during the cold months sun.

Should you only select one, the mountain clematis (C. montana) (above) is a great choice. Val Le May Neville-Parry, who supports the United kingdom National Assortment of C. montana, explains why: ‘Montanas flower more than a lengthy period early in the year-summer time lull, provide nesting for wild birds, and also have heavenly perfume. A couple of my many favourites are “Miss Christine” and “Van Gogh”.’

Montanas come with an informal, romantic habit that lends these to being grown over summerhouses and sheds. The large forms (known by Val as ‘beautiful thugs’) are perfect for concealing an unsightly garage or lengthy fence.


Clematis could be grown anytime of the year, but ideally not when they’re in flower. Spring is a good time to plant forms that flower at the end of summer time, fall, and winter and also the prime time for you to plant species that blossom in spring and early summer time is fall. The wintertime season is another good planting period, unless of course you reside in a cold climate.