How to dry orange slices for Christmas decorations – an expert guide


Drying orange slices, to make use of inside your Christmas wreath ideas and beyond, is definitely an simpler process than you may think – but make sure to stay with a specialist-approved method, because drying them completely is essential to lengthy term success.

You are able to dry them naturally by slicing them into 1cm models, patting them dry and departing them on a rack inside your kitchen to air dry – however this will require a few days and results can differ with respect to the humidity and temperature of your house.

Utilizing an oven is really a faster and much more reliable method to dry citrus fruits. When correctly dried, they may be used among your indoor adornments, as well as outdoors inside your Christmas door decor ideas. Country Homes & Interiors stylist Sara Bird shared her process around.


The very best bit about drying orange slices is the fact that once you’ve completed a load, you’ve yourself some Christmas adornments which will last for a lot of Christmases in the future.

Should you dry and store your oranges correctly, the slices should last not less than 2 yrs, and frequently considerably longer – perfecting to make a Christmas wreath the coming year, and the next year that.


Storing your orange slices is essential to creating them last money for hard times. First of all, you have to make certain you’ve dried them completely – should you haven’t done this, or store these questions moist or damp space, mold can creep in and ruin them.

Outdoors from the festive season, store them within an airtight container like a ziploc bag, a plastic storage box, or perhaps a jar having a tightly fitted lid. If you’ve lately washed your container, make sure it is dry before committing your orange slices. Store them well, and you’ll ask them to available to mix with fresh Christmas foliage ideas every year.

Are You Able To DRY ORANGE SLICES For Adornment?

Absolutely! Orange slices may be used in many methods to decorate various areas of your house for Christmas. For any simple use, pierce them on a single edge and thread a skinny ribbon with the hole, tying up inside a bow to produce a Christmas tree decoration.

More adventurous ideas include threading dozens together to produce a garland – a great accessory for your Christmas window decor ideas, because the sun light looks wonderful shining with the translucent fruit, making the slices seem to glow.

An alternative choice to drying oranges is applying a scoring approach to inject pretty patternation right into a whole fruit. ‘To score and decorate citrus fruits, purchase a fruit funnel knife to obtain a and also consistent finish,’ states Bird. ‘Carefully score your pattern following our designs. Either leave because they are or decorate with clove studs. To simply add these, pierce the peel having a skewer where needed then push inside a clove.’