How to design a bathroom – expert bathroom planning and layout advice

Wondering how you can design your bathroom?

Designing your bathroom will require possibly more thought than every other room. Your kitchen may be the exception but, even here, there’s almost always the reassuring existence of a kitchen area designer to smooth the procedure.

Using the bathroom, you’ll frequently end up handling the plasterer, the plumber and also the flooring installer alone, therefore it can seem to be just a little overwhelming.

The normal bathroom is small, requiring clever utilization of space to shoehorn out of all preferred features making it attractive and comfy simultaneously.

And installation could be stealthily tricky, involving plumbing, intricate spatial design and technical skills.

With a variety of inspirational bathroom ideas to select from, its smart to possess some type of design service, either from your interior designer, a professional bathroom designer or, at the minimum, a skilled builder/plumber by having an eye for design.

How You Can DESIGN Your Bathroom

Similar to planning for a kitchen, when approaching how you can design your bathroom you will get the ball moving by analyzing the way you make use of your current room, noting the things that work and just what doesn’t.

Then, take a look at bathroom pictures for inspiration and draft a wish list that considers all potential users, their individual needs and picture how these might change later on.

For example, a household bathroom will often need a bath, hardwearing and splash proof surfaces, while an expert bathroom or en-suite are able to afford to become a little more luxurious.


As there are plenty of bathroom layout ideas to select from, the way you plan your brand-new bathroom layout is determined by many factors. Including the part from the bathroom, the dimensions, who definitely are while using bathroom and just how frequently.

Let us begin with the look effects that the good bathroom layout can make:

The vista upon entrance: This is an integral part of design, so constitutes a good beginning point for the bathroom layout – you need to begin to see the bath or basin first, and not the toilet.

Pick one key piece: Whether it’s a free standing bath, heart-stopping vanity unit or perhaps a superbly tiled shower area and make design around it.

Symmetrical layouts: when the room’s proportions lend themselves to symmetry, it’s worth plotting a symmetrical layout, possibly aligned by having an architectural jewel as an original sash window.

Make space: ensure there’s sufficient area surrounding each fitting for comfortable use and learn your swing of shower doorways. Inside a tight space choose inward opening doorways or perhaps an over-bath shower.

Ask experts: ‘Seek specialists’ assistance to see past the existing layout. It’s surprising how the tiniest of bathrooms could be imaginatively planned,’ adds Darren Paxford, National Sales Director, Vitra.

Create drama in bigger bathrooms: avoid everything clinging towards the walls and rather test out angles. An offset bath can be more dynamic, or add a clever walk-in shower idea behind your bath by getting the tub forward.

‘When planning for a bathroom, begin using the layout,’ advises Yousef Mansuri, Mind of Design at C.P. Hart.

‘The layout from the plan is mainly determined by the positioning of the soil stack pipe for that WC and whether it may be moved or otherwise. The bathroom . has stricter limitations than moving pipework because of the fall from the waste.’

The perfect is to utilize minimal bends within the toilet’s pipework to prevent blockages, so moving can require significant effort, however is not impossible.

The task is simpler when the new location follows the direction from the floor joists. It’s also easy to move a rest room further across the exterior wall that hosts the soil stack, drilling a brand new hole with the wall and connecting in to the soil stack externally.

‘Once you realize where this really is positioned, you can begin considering in which the basin, bath and shower goes. Pipework is commonly more flexible with regards to repositioning,’ continues Yousef.

An alternative choice would be to use a new elevated floor, with sufficient depth for pipes below however this can lead to one step within the room.

‘Once you’ve your layout and for that reason measurements, the exciting part starts – you may create your mood boards and select your product or service. Make certain you do not ignore towel rails and heating when thinking about all this.

How You Can DESIGN A Household BATHROOM

Normally, this is the greatest bathroom in the home, accessible in the primary hallway. Fittings and finishes inside a busy family bathroom ought to be selected with low maintenance and sturdiness in your mind.

‘I would always employ porcelain tiles inside a family bathroom, including slip-resistant porcelain around the floors, because they are very difficult putting on and can still look amazing in a long time,’ states Ripples’ senior designer Katie Gisby.

‘They also require zero maintenance, that is essential.’ Lots of storage can also be essential, for toddler toys for an ever-growing selection of toiletries for that teens.

Double on bathroom vanity ideas, basins and mirrors where space enables out on another be enticed and that’s the tub if it’s the only person in the home. Rather think about a space-saving shower-bath.

How You Can DESIGN An Expert EN-SUITE

Inside a master en-suite bathroom, an endeavor solely for responsible adults, you really can afford to throw caution towards the wind and splash on luxurious materials along with a more complicated lighting plan to produce a relaxing mood.

If there’s space, go for his and her vanity areas with attached dressing rooms if you are very lucky.

This is actually the spot to splash on costly modern bathroom ideas just like a steam shower or elaborate seem system, that might get broken by tampering tots or unaware visitors – and also to enjoy luxe surfaces for your individual style.

If space is hard, let the creativity flow together with your small bathroom ideas and think about a bathtub within the bed room with only a little area sectioned off for that toilet and basin.