How to defrost a freezer – so it runs efficiently

It’s vital that you understand how to defrost a freezer. An accumulation of ice within the appliance is annoying, lowering the available space for food. But that’s only some of the reason why defrosting is a vital task.

When ice accumulates the freezer uses more energy to help keep the meals inside in the correct temperature. Over time, this might mean a substitute freezer is required sooner. Another downside? More energy use means greater bills.

Quite simply, unless of course you committed to a frost-free model, defrosting the freezer should be among the duties in your kitchen cleaning list. Adopt these measures to defrost a freezer and food safe and charges lower.


The main reason you need to know how you can defrost a freezer? ‘Excessive ice functions being an insulator inside a freezer meaning your appliance must continue to work harder to maintain your food cold,’ explains Vijay Bhadwaj, director at Beko. ‘As an effect, the lifespan of the appliance might be reduced as well as your energy bills increases.

‘We recommend defrosting your appliance two times annually or whenever a frost layer close to a quarter inch (7mm) has created. This allows the applying to operate properly and release any space the ice might be taking on.’

Whether you are organizing a chest freezer or only desire to cleanse a fridgeOrdeep freeze combination, it’ll make existence simpler should you consume a similar strategy while you do in order to clean a fridge and run food stocks lower so there’s less to help keep cold when you defrost.


To defrost a freezer it’s important to switch them back and unplug in the outlet. Take all of the food out and put it in coolers therefore it doesn’t spoil throughout the defrosting process.

2. PREPARE The Ground AREA

To help keep the ground area surrounding the freezer free from water because the ice within the appliance melts, put lower old towels, or newspaper around it.

Put rags, towels or sponges within the freezer, too, to absorb water because the ice melts, and keep in mind these will have to be squeezed out or swapped for dry versions throughout the defrosting process.

In case your freezer includes a drainage hose, place this inside a bucket or basin, and don’t forget to eliminate water as necessary during defrosting. You are able to set shims underneath the front from the freezer to position it for the hose, but do that very carefully due to the weight from the appliance.


Remove all shelves or drawers in the freezer where possible. However, you might want to wait some time if they’re stuck due to the ice buildup, so don’t pressure them at this time of the entire process of defrosting a freezer.

4. Permit The ICE TO MELT

Leave the doorway available to defrost a freezer. Remember that the procedure may take a couple of hrs, out on another be enticed to choose in the ice while you could damage the inside from the freezer.

For safety reasons also avoid attempting to shortcut the process having a hairdryer, rather than use car windows de-icer to have an appliance by which meals are stored.

5. Clean Up AND CLEAN

Because the ice within the freezer melts, use sponges or rags to absorb water. When the interior from the freezer is frost-free, go ahead and take chance to wash inside wiping racks, door and inner walls, and removing any food debris which has accrued within the corners. Then dry the inside.