How to commission upholstery and soft furnishings

With regards to commissioning upholstery and soft furnishings, from curtains to cushions, it’s very easy to obtain side-tracked by design and appearance while overlooking practical elements. Experts let you know that to attain both goals.


Frequently the beginning spot for an inside design plan, window treatment ideas could be challenging commission.

Begin by developing a wish list including both functionality you would like in the curtain or blind, in addition to what you would like to attain visually in your interiors plan – this, alongside a Pinterest mood board, may then be given to your selected curtain maker for discussion.

‘Keep a balanced view and thoroughly think about the form of your window and also the area surrounding it,’ recommends Kathryn Seidl of bespoke soft furnishing supplier towards the trade KLS Interiors. ‘Do you’ll need a Roman blind on the window that’s already wide and never very tall? Laser hair removal will highlight that. Rather, floor length curtains will assist you to redress the total amount from the window,’ she recommends.

Equally, bulky traditional radiators under home windows will pick up the hem of lengthy curtains rather think about a blind, shutter or fixed dress curtains (having a working blind).

‘Other methods for mounting a curtain like a covered track (lathe and fascia) or perhaps a pelmet can also be possible where you can find deep radiators, these two choices are produced with customized timber top boards which may be made much deeper to project curtains further forward if required.’


Particularly significant in nurseries, curtains and Roman blinds leaves gaps in the sides to achieve full blackout, choose a multiple layer of the blackout roller blind, curtains along with a pelmet, recommends Kathryn. Discuss privacy concerns as soon as possible, too, add designers Ali Manley and Alex Keith of Otta Design.

‘You’ll have to create solutions for various occasions during the day. Roman blinds and sheer blinds are a choice – the second could be elevated and decreased anytime without impacting heavily on daylight. Sheer curtains are an easy way to melt in the space and provide an operating means to fix south- and west- facing rooms with strong sunlight particularly with large expanses of glass,’ they add.

Natural fabrics for example linen, made of woll, cotton and silk are perfect for schemes having a softer or fewer tailored finished. They’re also worth thinking about in older houses where elements for example floors and ceilings are uneven. Lucy Bathurst of Nest Design is both an inside designer and curtain maker which specializes in using handwoven and hands-spun antique or vintage textiles in her own curtains.

‘Natural fabrics have a tendency to catch the sunshine when draped on the ground which could relax and soften rooms inside a pleasing way.’

For individuals who would like an identical style, like a rough guide, she recommends asking the curtain maker to include an additional 2in/5cm towards the drop from the curtains so they pool on the ground.


One method to reduce the price of fabric would be to ask the curtain maker only for doing things being an extra-wide border lower the key edge, having a plain creating the primary area of the curtain, add some team from Otta Design. An identical approach may be used if curtains happen to be sun bleached – give a contrasting fabric to pay for the width from the damage.

‘A covered lathe and fascia is a less expensive mechanism for curtains over a corded pole, specifically in a bay window,’ states Ali. ‘Pelmets or embroidered trims can elevate plain Roman blinds, too.’


Probably the most common errors made when indicating an ottoman is related to size, states interior decorator and fabric designer Susan Deliss. So, it’s better to plan in advance carefully.

‘If you aren’t sure about how big the ottoman, fold a classic sheet towards the size you believe might work and lay it on the ground before your furniture,’ recommends Susan. ‘Ask yourself, are you able to walk easily between it as well as your sofa or chair? Can your legs achieve it should you take a seat on your sofa and wish to place your ft onto it?’