How to commission bespoke furniture

Just like a perfectly tailored Savile Row suit, a bespoke furniture piece should fit perfectly, function superbly and appear fantastic: some go so far as to dub it ‘interior couture’. Similar to their catwalk counterparts, artisan-designed solutions is money well spent, however they guarantee stand-out and esoteric results.

A bespoke furniture piece may also be the solution to practical problems for example unusual layouts and wonky walls. In certain scenarios, it presents an chance to flex an innovative interior planning muscle that’s been laying dormant or solves a quandary that can’t be resolved with existing furniture.

In either case, commissioning a bespoke furniture piece isn’t just an opportunity to have something completely individual, tailored for your tastes in addition to assisting to support a wealthy tradition of furniture design and craftsmanship – both in america and also the United kingdom.


For several markets, commissioning bespoke products attracts individuals who shouldn’t have recognizable fabrics, wallcoverings or furniture within their houses. Getting something made is the only method to be certain that.

‘It can answer design challenges too,’ states Mike Fisher, founder and inventive director of Studio Indigo. ‘The table that may seat for each day can include seat 24 effortlessly. Other occasions it’s simply impossible to obtain the right piece in the right cost, finish or scale – going bespoke enables us to produce the right piece.’

It attracts individuals who like the thought of supporting the humanities and craftsmanship, along with the satisfaction of getting an original piece which will endure for generations. ‘There’s an increasing understanding of sustainability and things created using integrity which is passed lower the generations,’ states Bruce Hodgson of Somerset-based bespoke joinery firm Artichoke Limited.

‘The most fun component of my job is dealing with those who have incredible passion and understanding of the craft. If you possess the opportunity to commission a bespoke piece become familiar with a lot, both about the entire process of artistic work, as well as your own creative ability. You’ll finish track of a treasure will inform an individual story,’ states interior designer Rachel Chudley.

‘The one factor I usually go bespoke with may be the sofa. It’s this type of satisfying factor to complete. We spend a lot of our time laying back around the sofa in your own home that it could too be exactly as you would like it. They may be both really comfortable and extremely beautiful should you go bespoke.’


‘Taste is amazingly personal and that means you can’t get some things wrong,’ believes Yelena Ford, md from the New Craftsmen, a London-based gallery which showcases over 100 of the very most exciting craftspeople within the United kingdom. ‘Sometimes taking out the misnomer of “taste” from the equation is an essential initial step.’

Spending time to check out interiors magazines, both individuals nowadays and ones which were printed at about the time of childhood to find out if anything evokes a psychological response, is yet another good tip. ‘If there’s a picture or object that you simply love, really view it and write lower a number of words which describe the piece and just how it can make you are feeling,’ recommends Yelena. ‘And never be worried about inventing a thing – 90% of times, we’ll know precisely that which you mean.’