How to clean an area rug – an expert guide

Understanding how to wash a hair piece correctly is essential to the durability. It might be that the rug is within a bed room, where it does not get a lot of footfall, but can from time to time become victim a great morning coffee splilling. Or possibly it’s in the kitchen area, where it must deal with all sorts of stains and spills – or out outside, by which situation it might even need to deal with BBQ stains, too. Or possibly you are searching at cleaning family room rugs regularly?

Whatever, cleaning an area rug can be achieved in your own home effectively, with no need to involve professionals. The very best path to success would be to stick to the maker’s recommendations – which you might find around the reverse of the rug. Failing that, you need to make sure you clean an area rug based on its material as well as weave – this should help you to keep its looks.

How You Can CLEAN An Area Rug

Rugs are very practical plus an instant interior planning update for those rooms in your home, but whether they’re susceptible to heavy footfall, everyday spillages, pets or simply daily dust – all of them require a regular clean,’ states Daniel Prendergast from the Rug Seller. ‘As along with dirt, rug fibers can house countless micro-microorganisms, so a clear helps you to prevent a build-from microbes that is advantageous to some healthy home – especially for those who have allergic reactions.

‘For any stains and embedded dirt, how they are worked with depends on the kind of rug fiber. A beginning point would be to look at your product’s care label or follow cleaning guides for several material types,’ continues Daniel Prendergast.

1. Obtain The RIGHT Carpet Cleaning Service Package

It might be that you simply decided on a rug also it was offered having a particular cleaning product advised, but typically, most – though not every – rugs could be cleaned having a rug or carpet shampoo – though an answer of tepid to warm water and dish soap inside a bowl or bucket can get the job done if you want to clean a stain in a rush.

It’s also wise to possess a vacuum, lots of kitchen towel to blot up stains, a sponge and brush inside your laundry room, just in situation, too. For those who have a wet-dry vacuum you are able to, obviously, skip most of the steps below.


To wash an area rug regularly – instead of do an urgent situation stain removal – it is important it’s vacuumed on top of the and under-sides. It is because grit and dirt could work their way lower with the fibers from the rug. ‘Don’t your investment bottom – vacuum the backing from the rug monthly to get rid of trapped dust, dirt, allergens and bacteria.’

For those who have pets, you’ll take advantage of vacuum pressure for pet hair – these are made to remove hairs efficiently and hygienically. Or, it may seem simpler, particularly in good weather, to accept rug outdoors and shake or beat it. This is often a more thorough method of cleaning an area rug, too.

‘As a guide, carpeted floors and rugs ought to be vacuumed a minimum of two times weekly,’ advises Daniel Prendergast. ‘For every single day, frequent vacuuming, get rid of any surface dust and dirt after which vacuum the rug. Suction only vacuums are more suitable to rotary brush or upright vacuums which could sometimes damage the top of pile and fray the perimeters of rugs. Make use of the nozzle attachment to gently vacuum the rug to get rid of any surface dust and loose yarns.’


If, after vacuuming, an area rug does not smell clean, which may be since it is infested with bacteria. Lacking cleaning it, you are able to freshen it – and neutralize the smell – having a rug powder.

‘There are anti-microbial powders that may be sprinkled onto rugs to rid them of germs but always test on the small section first,’ states Daniel Prendergast.


A shampoo designed particularly for rugs – as well as better, the fabric your rug is made of – provides you with the greatest results for normal or emergency cleaning.

Anything you buy, you need to stick to the manufacturer’s instructions towards the letter. ‘I would always advise testing a shampoo on a little patch – ideally a large part – first,’ states Homes & Gardens’ Editor in Chief. ‘This is especially important in case your rug is colorful, owing to things, color will run or fade easily.’

A really mild solution of dish detergent and warm (not hot) water is the second best – but a great choice for those who have a stain to wash before it dries.

For normal cleaning – not when you’re mopping up a stain – make use of a sponge. Use a soft brush, however, you are more inclined to ruin the pile of the rug with scrubbing then with sponging. ‘I would always attempt to clean an area rug outdoors – it’ll cut lower on mess inside which help it dry faster,’ advises Lucy Searle.