How to clean an air fryer – to ensure every dish is as delicious as the next

Finding out how to clean an aura fryer is important to make sure you are taking advantage of your machine – and ensuring the scrumptious-tasting food we all like (hello, beautiful baked salmon) is stored as healthy as you possibly can.

Purchasing the very best air fryer will help you to prepare healthier versions of the restaurant favourites, like Fried potatoes and crispy bacon.

But ensure that is stays clean is an integral part of maintenance and becoming better use out of your machine. An aura fryer is really a small convection microwave that simulates fried food without submerging it in oil.


‘We recommend to continually wash the basket and trays after every use, even when it doesn’t appear dirty,’ states Zoe McClean, Senior Home Economist at Breville. ‘Fat splashes and food residue could possibly get easily baked on and will also be hard to remove should you let it rest for any lengthy time.’

VonHaus’ Adele Brennan advises: ‘Make certain to clean the removable components, as well as your baskets and grills, with warm and soap and water.

‘Use a gentle sponge or cloth and avoid abrasives – this can damage the gear. When food products are actually stuck, allow absorb hot soap and water to release the meals after which clean.

‘Dry the constituents out individually before re-assembling.’

2. How You Can CLEAN The Environment FRYER ELEMENTS

Some elements, such as the ventilation racks, drip tray and rotisserie spit, is going to be dishwasher-safe, so look into the specific cleaning guide for the air fryer.

Otherwise, Adele advises: ‘For within your air fryer, make use of a moist cloth that’s been drizzled with warm soap and water.

‘You may even make use of a soft brush to get involved with the corners of the air fryer but avoid a steel-wire brush. Dry having a towel, then re-assemble.’

Breville’s Zoe McClean warns: ‘DO NOT IMMERSE IN WATER. Abrasive cleaners, scrubbing brushes and chemical cleaners may also damage the system.’

3. How You Can CLEAN THE Outdoors Of The AIR FRYER

‘To keep your air fryer searching beautiful and glossy, wipe the outdoors having a moist cloth after which buff having a microfiber cloth,’ advises Zoe.